Spellbinders Platinum vs Platinum 6

Di cutters are very convenient because you can cut using the machine and is great to help you cut complex design, in one go. They are also easy to use and affordable for more people to purchase and try, for example the popular Spellbinders Platinum Vs Platinum 6. These die cutters are love by many because of their performance and convenient but, the two are not exactly the same which is why you may want to see what they can offer below before shopping.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What is a Die Cutting Machine
  • What are Spellbinders Platinum and Platinum 6
  • What Spellbinders Platinum and Platinum 6 Look Like
  • How are the Capacity of Spellbinders Platinum and Platinum 6
  • How to Cut using Spellbinders Platinum and Platinum 6
  • How are the Performance of Spellbinders Platinum and Platinum 6
  • Spellbinders Platinum Vs Platinum 6

Die Cutting Machine 

Many of us love crafting, it is fun, productive, and also can be used to make some money if you decide to sell some of your products. The type of items can vary depending on what do you see interesting or will attract customer’s attention but in general they are universal as all people can join the hobby and not all will require expensive tools or materials either for we can utilize the tools and materials easily available around the house.

Children from a very young age often being taught about paper craft and various activities that they can use to both learn and playing at the same time. The typical tools such as scissors, ruler, and razor blade are common for cutting and shaping papers but, you can use various other tools in order to ease the job and one of them is a die cutting machine. Most people who are familiar with paper craft must be familiar with this machine as well for its convenience.

In general die cutting itself is a fabrication process where the user utilize specialized machines and machine tools to convert stock material by cutting, forming, and shearing it to follow certain design or shape. It is versatile and even customizable to a degree that makes the process ideal for a wide range of materials; not only papr but also metal, plastic, wood, and composites. In a large scale, it is being used in a variety of industries such as die cutting neoprene, die cutting paper, packaging, gasketing, and die cutting fabric.

In a typical home use or crafting, die cutting machine is a machine which goal is to cut materials, the type that is thin or in a sheet form such as paper, fabric, or metal into specific shape that follows the die cutting design. For crafters, these machines can be very compact or rather bulky depending on the capacity itself. It is a very popular option to help crafters making cut to be used in various items such as homemade card, quilts or decoration for a party.

The best thing of a die cutting machine is that you can cut a specific design over and over again with the same result. This is time saving because we all know that cutting materials takes time and patience as we have to trace the design carefully to not make any mistake which can cost of wasting the material. It is also stress free and can be done in no time or few seconds for every sheet of material depending on the thickness and working area.

Spellbinders PlatinumPlatinum 6
Product Dimensions16 x 10 x 12 inches
12.63 x 9.5 x 7.5 inches
Shipping Weight20.4 pounds
1.25 pounds
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About Spellbinders Platinum and Platinum 6

Die cutting machines are very useful and we agree that it can helps a lot in your crafting process while also not being too expensive or too complicated to use. If you are here then we assume you are interested to buy a new die cutting machine or planning to purchase the first machine for home use. They are easily available almost in any craft store or in an office supply store along with typical tools and materials used for crafting.

Since they are manual machine, you don’t have to spend so much just to get a die cutting machine as they are very affordable. The choice are also abundant and you can find them from various brand names as well as variant to choose from. Among the brands that offer die cutting machines, Spellbinder is one of the best options you can pick for the performance. They are working really well and you can choose one from the several models they have to match with the application or capacity needed.

Their machines however are pretty identical to each other so it can be quite confusing to choose only one but we recommend to shop based on what do you need for cutting or how large the die will be used. For scrapbooking and making custom cards or similar application, Spellbinders Platinum and Platinum 6 are two ideal variant to consider. The two are almost the same and being the same manual die cutting machine they also offer the same capabilities.

When it comes to die cutting machine, the most important point we need to consider is their capacity because it decide what you can cut with the machine and it is also what set Spellbinders Platinum and Platinum 6 apart from each other, just like another popular machines like Sizzix SideKick Vs Sizzix Big Shot. These machines will cut based on your die or single and if needed, we can even use several of them at once as long as they fit in the cutting plate.

Spellbinders Platinum and Platinum 6 Design

Similar to typical vinyl cutter which is the automatic version of a die cutter, all of them look the same or have the same composition and design. They will have a short opening where you place the cutting mat and all cutting component then a crank on the side to rotate or to allow the cutting composition to go through the machine. The unit itself is made from plastic so there is always a concern about longevity yet it is good to reduce the weight.

The two Spellbinders Platinum and Platinum 6 are the same when it comes to design as they are identical to each other but while it may not apparent from the sample picture above, the Platinum is actually larger than Platinum 6. The machines fashion is white with rose gold highlight on some parts of the body. There is a handle at the top to hold the machine when you move the crank and this can be inserted or retracted as needed. 

Spellbinders Platinum and Platinum 6 Capacity

As it has been mentioned above, the most important part of a die cutting machine is the capacity because it decides what you can cut with the machine. This is also what makes the two a different machine because while they are using the same name which is Platinum, the original Platinum is larger and thus, can accept larger die or cutting mat of 8.5 inches by 12.25 inches while the Platinum 6 is only capable of cutting with a maximum cutting mat of 6 inches by 8.5 inches.

Cutting with Spellbinders Platinum and Platinum 6 

However, the method or mechanism of Spellbinders Platinum and Platinum 6 are the same. First we have to prepare the machine and the most important attaching their crank as they are not yet attached when you open the box. There are two trays; one on each side and we have to unfold them first to show the opening panel to the machine. To start cutting, build the cutting tray by stacking a platform, one layer of cutting plate, paper/cardstock/foil, shape die template with the sharp side facing the paper, and the second layer of cutting plate.

After all of them are stacked together, put the layers on front of the opening and using the crank, rotate it to allow the die to pass through the opening and out from the other side. After it completely out of the opening, we can open the layer and the cutting process is done. With Spellbinders Platinum and Platinum 6, we can use die cutting template or embossing folder depending on what do you want to achieve as the two can do the same job but with different capacity or working space.

Spellbinders Platinum and Platinum 6 Performance 

The last part is performance and we do think both of them are working the same with the same convenience and the same performance. They are pretty powerful for a conveniently small machine so we can effectively utilize them when needed. The difference is only on their capacity which makes the Spellbinder Platinum have a larger or about 2 inches larger working space and while it is not affecting the cutting reliability, we sure can put larger die template or if you want to work fast we can also place several small dies to cut at the same time.

Spellbinders Platinum vs Platinum 6

These machines are amazing for your convenience when cutting materials with die template or when you need to emboss the material. There is not much differences between Spellbinders Platinum and Platinum 6 as they are equally useful and working really good but the original Platinum is capable of accepting larger cutting plate and larger die or more of small die with wider opening which makes the Platinum 6 like a smaller version of the original machine.

- Created with a Solid steel core construction, it effortlessly cuts up to eight layers in a single pass
- Machine can cut over 40 different materials including wool, Balsa wood, chipboard, craft metal, leather and so much more some heavier materials require Contour steel rule dies to cut
- Machine can be used with most standard Wafer thin/etched dies, embossing folders, texture plates, and Contour steel rule dies
- It can blaze through even the heaviest of materials from leather, to wool, to craft metal, to Balsa Wood
- The sleek, Modern design of the Platinum 6 machine features a collapsible handle and fold-up sides for compact storage
- Sold with a pair of clear cutting plates, standard platform, embossing plate and embossing mat


The two are working really good and you can go amazing with just any of them yet, we recommend to think about what do you want to cut and if you are thinking about using larger die template or need to work faster by fitting more dies on a single layer, the Spellbinders Platinum is the more ideal option.