Snake and Skull Tattoo Meaning

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Skulls are the epitome of Death and Decay; a grim tip of guy’s mortality. The significance that you obtain from a Skull and Snake tattoo rests greatly on your cultural context. When paired with a symbol of mortality like a human skull, the image represents the cycle of Death and Rebirth, similar to the meaning of the Ouroboros.

These serpents are a powerful force of nature, signifying man’s primal desires and instincts in addition to an obstacle to our spirituality. While some snake tattoo styles stand for mortality and wicked temptation, others represent noble concepts and the power of durability. Snakes and skulls simply go together. Both are quite well known for featuring skulls in their tattoo designs. This example (by Josh Autrey of Redemption Tattoo Gallery, Richmond, VA) is more of a neo-traditional style, however in terms of a skull tattoo, you could not ask for anything more in advance.

Snake tattoos have a huge range of symbolic meanings that are both negative and positve in nature. Throughout history, the snake has been depicted to be a symbol of other and evil negative associations, but it likewise has been seen in a favorable way. Snakes usually shy away from human contact. When humans are struck by a snake, it is generally because they have them as family pets, manage them frequently, or they are searching them. Snakes typically live in darkness and come out to hunt prior to sunset.

Lots of individuals would differ, the skull tattoo is one of the most looked for tattoo styles in the world and they are one of the most misinterpreted tattoo styles. Some skull tattoos can represent evil and others represent favorable things. Skull tattoos are most frequently associated with snakes, flames, crossbones, spiders, daggers, and scorpions.

Exactly what will your skull and snake tattoo mean to you? Will it simply be a badass old-fashioned tattoo? Or will you accept the life and death significance it features?

To summarize the symbolic meaning of the snake and skull in the Mexican mythological realms suggest:
– Duality between guys identification with conflict between life and death
– The impermanence (impression) connected with this conflict
– Guy’s ability to acknowledge this message of impermanence
– Man’s ability to utilize the power available to him to over come this dispute
– Ultimate ascension & surpassing of dispute & impression altogether.

Skulls are considered to be the essence of death. It is likewise the one symbol that symbolizes the truth of morality of a man. In the Western Culture, the skull and snake together form a complete being of physical and spiritual destruction. In some cultures, snakes represent the rebirth and immorality while skull represents death and the combination of both act as the cycle of death and renewal, the real phenomenon of the Human Life. By ready it to be placed on the body the tattoo collector actually ends up being one with the work of art. In the end, the tattoo functions as a social barometer, revealing far more about the audience than the person wearing it. So, Snake and Skull Tattoo ideas and tattoo designs can be your choice!