Sizzix Big Shot Vs Foldaway

Embracing passion concerning creativity is a gift. It would be applied to a lot of different things. One of the things is when you have a sense of creativity in design. Design is one of amazing view for your journey. You can explore to create the design and convey your idea. There would be lots of supportive tools to train your passion itself.

As in the digital era, the design is one of the most important things to be developed. You can find hundreds of apps or design templates on the play store anyway. It is very easy to do, but it is very important too. However, create your own from scratch sounds more amazing.

If you are interested to make some products with details, you can create the sticker for accessories or the logo itself. Some of you may consider that it would be a little complicated to handle such things. Fortunately, Sizzix is available as your savior in the form of a die-cut machine. You can find some of the types depends on your necessary.

Sizzix offers some product for complete your need. You can choose Sizzix Big Shot or Foldaway that available in affordable price. The both will give you the new experience for the machine. But, can you choose just one of them? You must have some sugestion for choose the best onr for your need.

Sizzix Big ShotSizzix Foldaway
Product Dimensions16 x 10.7 x 8 inches
13 x 10.3 x 11.1 inches
Shipping Weight7.5 pounds12.32 pounds
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You can pay attention in this review below if you want to find the best product. Therefore, you need to read this article up to the very end to find the comparison of the Sizzix big shot vs foldaway. Just let’s get started.

Sizzix Big Shot

Sizzix big shot would be the best die-cutting machine for you to implement your ideas and develop your creativity. The good news is Sizzix big shot is not only a machine to die-cut but also emboss. It is well-designed in an A5 wide opening. It helps you to cut based on the shape you already created. You can save more time and effort with this machine. It works in a few seconds only to reveal your idea into reality. Besides, you don’t need to worry as this machine is beginner-friendly. You can learn from scratch and develop into the expert one. The secret is many experts also would prefer this Sizzix big shot to create their things. Therefore, your limit is the sky.

In term of developing and supporting your creativity, Sizzix products library are ready to use for you. They are Bigz, Thinlitz, Textured Impression, Framelitz, Impresslits Embossing Folder, and also Texture Fades. Noteworthy to take note that you can create the die-cutting and emboss with this machine in A5 maximum. Moreover, Sizzix big shot with its magic can cut and emboss many kinds of materials. You can create your design on leather, vellum, cardstock, felt, and many more. It is a supportive tool to develop your creativity more professionally.

Made of steel on the core roller system gives you the benefit to keep it durable. Besides, the ergonomic handle is a helpful one for the beginner to learn and roll in ease while using it. The point is you are also able to capture the impression that it is practical to carry on.

You can have Sizzix big shot starts from $92.91 only. It is a worth amount to spend as your investment in creativity. You can find the instruction on how to use the machine in the manuals. If you are keen to dig more toward your passion, grab this one. You can have the Sizzix big shot either in stylish white or grey. Besides, this set of the product would come to you with a pair of cutting pads, a single platform, and a thin die adapter. This kit is lit.

Sizzix Foldaway

If you are looking for the unique one, here we go. Sizzix foldaway is an on the go die-cut and embossing machine. It presents your foldaway cutting space and handles. Don’t need to imagine. It is real anyway. It is not only coming to you with the compact design but also you can store some essential small pieces of stuff on your product. There is some space under the cutting space to store things and go with you anywhere. This compartment would be useful to store your favorite pieces of stuff concerning this machine and create your design.

It works as great as Sizzix big shot anyway. You can make a die-cut and emboss up to 6” or A5. Besides, you can also have access to the Sizzix products library in the form of Bigz, Thinlitz, Textured Impression, Framelitz, Impresslits Embossing Folder, and also Texture Fades.

The rest of the features resembles the big shot one. The ergonomic handle and sturdy steel on the core of the roller are easy to use. It is suitable for those who are a beginner. When you have this product and keep training a lot. Being a pro is not like a dream anymore.

Sizzix foldaway costs $111.97 on average. It is a worthy amount of bucks to pay. Supported the features that you cannot have on the big shot one. You can go home with one set of the Sizzix die-cut and emboss machine with a couple of cutting pads as well. It is great to support your creativity and develop to reach yourself and make it like a pro.

Both Sizzix big shot and foldaway have also a Making Essentials and Tools Range anyway. They are additional features that you can have to develop more and create a tremendous design with this machine. The products including permanent markers, a Sizzzix paper sculpting kit, and also Sizzix bold felt.

Sizzix Big Shot Vs Foldaway

- This die-cutting and embossing machine is the perfect tool for a range of creative pursuits for everyone from the beginner to expert! Die-cuts and embosses many different materials up to 6" wide.
- Die-cuts and embosses many different materials up to 6" (15.24 cm) wide. Compatible with the entire Sizzix product library including Bigz, Thinlits and Framelits dies and Textured Impressions, Texture Fades and Impresslits Embossing Folders (with the exception of Bigz Plus and Bigz Pro dies).
- The Big Shot Machine measures approximately 40 x 29 x 24 cm (14 1/4" x 12 3/8" x 6 5/8") and weighs 4.52 Kg (7.50 lb).
- 1 Big Shot Machine, 1 Extended Multipurpose Platform and 1 Pair of Cutting Pads. 1 year limited warranty. Register your machine for 2 additional years on the Sizzix website.
- MACHINE COMES WITH - 1 Platform, 1 Thin Die Adapter and 1 Pair of Cutting Pads.
- PORTABLE – The Sizzix Big Shot Foldaway die-cutting machine, features a cutting surface and handle that neatly folds away, meaning it’s perfect for creating on the go and freeing up space.
- BUILT IN STORAGE – The compartments are built into the Foldaway, making easy to store your wafer-thin dies and keep your favorites close to hand.
- RELEASE LEVER HANDLE – This release lever handle allows the handle to fold in front of the machine for neat storage.


It may be a little be confusing to choose between Sizzix big shot and foldaway. You are offered a high-quality die-cut and embossing machine. Both are created for specific usage but flexible. If you have high mobility and prefer to use this machine anywhere, the Sizzix foldaway would be the suitable one. Instead, if you have a little group to share and learn together, it is going to be more fun. However, if you intended to take this thing for a hobby and do it at home, Sizzix big shot is a great choice. You can refer to the product based on your necessary. Therefore, you know how to consider things to take. This machine comes to you with a set of supportive ideas to create. Therefore, you need to develop and train yourself more to figure out your specific preference.