Sizzix Big Shot Vs Big Kick

Crafting needs more creativity so that commonly people choose their specific way to support their ideas. Whether completing their tools or so, makes it more challenging to every crafter. That is why they are more concerned with the tools that they use to support their ideas into a real one.

This time, we will bring you into the most popular crafting tools that come from Sizzix company. They provide the Big Shot and Big Kick series, which come with so many features to support your crafting duty.

Let’s see some of the glances reviews from both of Sizzix Big Shot and Big Kick below. After that, you can decide which one that has the most suitable for you to support your crafting duty.

Sizzix Big Shot

Sizzix Big Shot is a kind of die-cutting and embossing machine that will help your crafting works easier and faster than before. It has six inches of size of wide opening paper in A5 size that perfect to start making your ideas come into the real one. With a simple feature, this machine is perfect whether for the beginner or expert one.

Sizzix Big Shot is a perfect machine in which you can produce so many handicrafts such as unique cards, patch artwork, and many more. You can cut in any models and expand your ideas on cutting the material expertly. Besides, this machine supports some materials such as paper, leather, cloth, cardstock, and many more.

Sizzix Big ShotSizzix Big Kick
Product Dimensions16 x 10.7 x 8 inches15.5 x 11 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight7.5 pounds11.36 pounds
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Sizzix Big Shot was developed with good material so that it makes this machine has more powerful to use. The durability of this machine is incredibly amazing which you can use it for years without having some trouble. The interior construction is made of steel material to make sure longer durability.

Sizzix Big Shot is so easy to use for every crafter in every level of expertise. The company suggests them to prepare the design first before do the cutting or embossing. After that, you can make a sandwich material and put it on the machine. Once you finish with the machine, you can simply be cutting the design and transform it into your creative projects. Read also: Sizzix Big Shot Vs Foldaway.

Sizzix Big Shot offers some accessories that include on the box with the manual book inside. It includes the starter kits for cutting material and some selection dies, card stock, fabric, permanent markers, sculpting kits, and many more.

The dimension of the Sizzix Big Shot comes in a portable way. It has about 16.0 x 10.7 x 8.0 inches and 7.5 pounds of weight. It doesn’t look bulkier than you thought and has no taken some spaces to save. The price also comes at a reasonable rate that starts from US$96 on Amazon.

Sizzix Big Kick

Sizzix Big Kick is a kind of die-cutting machine that will support your crafting duty. You may have so many ideas that need to be finished in a real way so that this machine is perfect, to make your dream come true. Besides, it has a bigger size with about 12 -1/4 – Inch by-6-inch- by 14-1/2-inches.

Sizzix Big Kick is capable to use so many variant materials that you will get to craft. You can make different shapes, whether from clothes, papers, leather, cork, cardstock, and many more. It is pretty great to cut any material that you have with an amazing result of your craft.

Sizzix Big Kickbuilt a solid construction with sturdier steel material. It also has a steel gear that provides the durability of this machine. You can use this machine for many years without any breakdown. This good material makes so many crafters choose this machine than other machines in the market.

Sizzix Big Kick offers easier cutting tools for every crafter in every level of expertise. The company claim that even a beginner also can use this machine properly without any difficulties. You only need to insert the material into the machine, then run it through by the rotate handling on the right side.

Sizzix Big Kick has a calmer noise than other cutting and embossing machine in the market. It doesn’t feel so loud to hear, so it is perfect to use daily, even in your private room. Once you get the material out from the other side, then you need to transform it into your amazing project ideas.

Sizzix Big Kick comes with a great combination of blue and black colors. You can make so many different palettes of color by using those preferences. If you want other colors combination, then you only need to add some from your marker pen or other tools that you need to coloring your material.

The dimension of Sizzix Big Kick comes in a light weightier way. It is size about 15.5 x 11.0 x 8.0 inches and 11.36 pounds of weight. It is pretty lighter with that portable size, which will not take any space on your desk.

The price of the Sizzix Big Kick comes at a reasonable rate in the market. On Amazon, you can find it start from US$103. It comes with three years of warranty from the manufacture.

Sizzix Big Shot Vs Big Kick

- This die-cutting and embossing machine is the perfect tool for a range of creative pursuits for everyone from the beginner to expert! Die-cuts and embosses many different materials up to 6" wide.
- Die-cuts and embosses many different materials up to 6" (15.24 cm) wide. Compatible with the entire Sizzix product library including Bigz, Thinlits and Framelits dies and Textured Impressions, Texture Fades and Impresslits Embossing Folders (with the exception of Bigz Plus and Bigz Pro dies).
- The Big Shot Machine measures approximately 40 x 29 x 24 cm (14 1/4" x 12 3/8" x 6 5/8") and weighs 4.52 Kg (7.50 lb).
- 1 Big Shot Machine, 1 Extended Multipurpose Platform and 1 Pair of Cutting Pads. 1 year limited warranty. Register your machine for 2 additional years on the Sizzix website.
- Kick up your creativity with this big machine
- Machine measures 12-1/4-Inch-by-6-Inch-by-14-1/2-Inch
- Includes a pair of Standard Cutting Pads and Multipurpose Platform
- Works with most Sizzix products

Which One Do You Prefer?

After getting the review above, we jump to the conclusion that Sizzix Big Shot is a better way to choose than the Sizzix Big Kick. As it comes from the features and functions, the Big Shot series comes in an easier way to use with so many variant colors, not only in black and blue.

Besides, as it comes from the price, Sizzix Big Kick is pretty expensive comparing with the Sizzix Big Shot, which almost has the same feature and technology. Big Shot series is so helpful to get your handcraft more aesthetic and valuable with so many features that the Big Kick series doesn’t have.

Moreover, the sound of Sizzix Big Kick is pretty louder than the Sizzix Big Shot. That makes your work on crafting has a bit noisy by using the Big Kick series. Besides, the size also comes in a bulkier way that takes some spaces in your desk instantly.