Singer EM200 vs Brother PE770

For sewist, there are several machines we may want to own if you are seeking for a way to finish your projects quickly and professionally, such as sewing machine, serger or overlock and embroidery machines, all depend on your needs. If you are looking for embroidery machines Singer EM200 vs. Brother PE770 can be a great options for you because they can add beauty and themed detail into your works.

If you also eyeing these two, go check our article below to see which the better option is.
In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why using an embroidery machine
– What are Singer EM200 and Brother PE770
– What Singer EM200 and Brother PE770 Look Like
– What Singer EM200 and Brother PE770 can offer to you
– Singer EM200 vs Brother PE770

Embroidery Machine
Sewing is a very popular hobby do by so many people in almost every countries in the world whether they are doing them just for fun or seriously working on their skill to catch their dream being a professional artist. Today, due to the advance of technology, people can master their skill in a shorter time with the help of fellow sewist and machines we can used to ease the piling up work and projects need to be done quickly.

Of course each one of us may have a different preference and go without any of those helpful equipment but, they can be a lifesaver when you need to finish whatever you are currently working on, in a faster pace compared to doing them manually. For example, sewing machine is probably the most popular machine used by sewist even from a long time ago and are proven to be useful on different applications depend on ones need while creating their items.

Another popular machine is serger or overlock which we can use to help giving a professional finish into our item’s seam such as those Juki MO644D vs. MO654DE. This type of machine is not very essential but they can lift some weight from our daily tasks. For those who loves to put some pattern or design and personalized their works, you may also want to have an embroidery machine into your equipment list since this one can do the work in a blink of an eye.

Well, it is not literally but they do work quickly and some of them even versatile enough to be a sewing machine as well. Owning an embroidery machine is fun even though you are not a professional. Imagine creating monogrammed item for when your friend have a baby or when your colleague have a birthday party. The best of them is we can create any design as we want without depending on what the market has to offer for we can create them ourselves.

Now when you are already making up your mind to purchase an embroidery machine, the next step is selecting the unit we want to have since the numerous option can get overwhelming for even those with more experienced and already own several of them in the past, beginner or new user may want to ask a friend or professional where they can get trusted information and see how the actual machine work. But, if you don’t have access to such luxury, the internet can be a good teacher.

About Singer EM200
Among those many options available from brands and models, we may want to pick those from our favorite name first since they can offer what we need and have the level of quality we want. We are sure most people even those who don’t sew know Singer because they are one of the most well-known sewing machines manufacturer that has been in the market for so long, our mothers and grandmothers are already familiar with.

If you are looking for an embroidery machine from this brand, the one you may want to check is Singer EM200 which seem to be loved by many other sewist as well. This model is among the brand huge collection and actually have been released several years earlier around 2015. What’s amazing from this machine is the fact that they are a computerized device, meant to help novice or beginners and experienced embroidery artists alike.

Singer EM200 Design
From the outside, Singer EM200 is a beautiful machine and probably one of the most attractive embroidery machine available today, its curvaceous design similar to those Singer 160 Anniversary Edition. It is also made with a good quality material that used a sturdy but not too heavy duty. Located on the right side, there is a small screen here and this one is said to have one of the best interface, making the machine even easier to use with a backlit screen to promote easy reading.

Singer EM200 Features
On the feature side, Singer EM200 is not falling behind any other similar embroidery machines in the market due to its built-in capabilities especially the 200 embroidery designs and 6 alphabet for when you want to create monogram. This many collections is great for anyone who want to add some pattern or design into their regular item and making them look even more beautiful with some touch of your work. Additionally, the alphabet is nice to have in case you want to put names on your items.

As for the maximum size, this machine can handle is 10.25 inch x 6 inch which should be enough to accommodate even large projects, thus we can use them to create pattern on various items like clothes or sofa pillow cover. The next is the hoop since all embroidery must have hoop and here we can have two of them; the large 10.25 inch x 6 inch hoop and the smaller one 4 x 4 inch hoop. With this, we can have much flexibility with different projects.

Another thing we love from Singer EM200 is the ability to transfer design from our computer into the machine in a snap through its USB port so we can have more designs when needed, but it is recommended to transfer only a few at once since we still have to scroll the screen to get to them. On the speed capability, this machine is also quite fast for up to 700 stitches per minute to help users finish their work quickly.

About Brother PE770
Since we have a lot more other options available in the market, it is wise to look around first before deciding on what item we want to purchase for we may find a better product with better features or available in a more affordable price range. Another good machine to check on if you need a dedicated machine for your embroidery work is Brother PE770. This one is also a computerized ones and capable of doing what the other machine can offer as well.

This model is among Brother’s bestselling machines and loved by many of its users due to its capabilities thanks to the innovative technology applied while creating them. As you can see from the sample picture above, this one is also awarded with “Consumer Digest Best Buy” which mean the price it have is a value for what you are going to receive.

Brother PE770 Design
On the design side, Brother PE770 is a nice looking machine to have in your working station besides being useful itself. It looks pretty with a calm blue and white color options yet is sturdy enough to last for years to come due to the good material used. Since it is a computerized machine, there is also a small screen located on the right side and in our opinion, their operation is very easy as they are touch screen with clear navigation.

Brother PE770 Features
Just like many other computerized embroidery machines, Brother PE770 is featured with built-in stitches or designs we can access right in the screen and applied into our items. In this model we can have as many as 136 designs available for embroidery purpose which also include 10 frame shapes and 12 border styles. With this collection, we can put almost anything into our projects without the need to create them manually and what we love the most are they are all look pretty in various items.

On the size part, this machine will let the user to use the design in an area as wide as 5×7 inches in size that can be bigger than some other similar machines out there. This large space will also making the working process easier by giving us an ample space to create bigger monograms, jacket embroidery and other items. Additionally, it also has 184 sewing stitches with several varieties like smocking and drawnwork.

On their ease of use, Brother PE770 is featured with easy threading so users can thread easier with a printed number chart located on the machine itself; what we need to do is only following it to get acquainted with the machine. Additionally, we can also import any designs from our other device to the machine through USB connection while the speed itself is rated at 650 stitches per minute for fast working pace.

Now, let’s compare Singer EM200 with Brother PE770. As you may already know, both of them are very similar to each other and mostly can do what the other can offer as well. The prominent difference between them is the amount of built-in design available since Singer has more to offer than Brother while the stitch size is also different with Singer offering a wider embroidery area compared to Brother.

Singer EM200 vs Brother PE770

- SINGER SEWING MACHINE: The SINGER Superb EM200 Embroidery Sewing Machine has 200 Embroidery Designs and 6 Alphabet Options which expands your creative and monogramming possibilities
- AUTOMATIC NEEDLE THREADER: Simply guide the thread directly from the spool to the needle area through a single groove and thread the needle by pressing the threading lever for easy needle threading
- EXPANSIVE 5” x 7” FIELD: The Brother PE770 embroidery machine provides ample space for larger designs and lettering projects
- 136 BUILT-IN EMBROIDERY DESIGNS: Access 10 frame shapes, 6 lettering fonts, and 12 border styles that can help you design elegant quilt patterns.MAX Embroidery Area - 130(X) x 180(Y)mm. MAX Embroidery Speed - 650 spm

All in all, the decision is all yours to make since we may have different preferences and taste but comparing the two’s features and price point, if you want to get a good machine at a lower budget, we will recommend you to pick Singer EM200 since with more designs and wider embroider, this one is currently more affordable than PE770.