Singer 9960 vs Brother PC 420

While many of us still sew with hand today, owning a sewing machine is good to allow the sewist to sew faster with less effort. For those who want to have a higher-end machines with more capabilities, Singer 9960 vs. Brother PC 420 can be a great options to go. Both of them are computerized sewing machines with some favorable features. If you are also interested in these models, go check our article below to see what they can offer to you.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why using a sewing machine
– What are Singer 9960 and Brother PC 420
– What Singer 9960 and Brother PC 420 Look Like
– What Singer 9960 and Brother PC 420 can offer to you
– Singer 9960 vs Brother PC 420

Sewing Machine Benefit
Sewing is probably among the basic skill we need to learn at some point when we are starting our adulthood since this skill will be helpful when we are living on our own or starting a family since with the skill, we can fix some damages like sewing a torn pants or making some simple table cover to enhance your house look. However, even today, not all people are able to sew since the process is not easy and will take a lot of effort to master the basic.

There are also people who are passionate about sewing whether it is because they can make their own clothes or because they love to do the crafting process. Most hobbyist can get by with just a few sewing tools and materials but we are not denying the usefulness of a sewing machine itself since they are also trusted by many sewist to help them doing their projects and lessen the burden they have in their shoulder. With a dependable machine, we can finish projects faster and more professionally.

One of the most beneficial thing of owning a sewing machine is we can make various items from any preferable fabric than buying them at stores since this can save more money, moreover, if you are shopping on special occasion like Christmas or Halloween. With a good machine and skill, we can make our own clothes based on the current fashion or our taste, thus we don’t have to spend much on hunting them from our favorite brands that may cost much more.

Another benefit we love from owning a sewing machine and a proper skill to use them is we can make various items with personalization as we need them to be which is great when you want to give them as a present for your family, friends or colleague such as with an embroidery or monogram of their initial or their favorite teams. For everyday use, we can also use sewing machine to fix torn out clothes and transform unused or outgrown clothes to be more useful.

Now, when you are already setting up your mind to have a sewing machine, it is time to check what the market has to offer. Since the machine was invented many years ago, sewing machine have gone through a lot of upgrades thanks to the advance of our technology. If our parent and grandparent used to sew with a mechanical machines, today we can use computerized sewing machines that are not only easier to use, but also more convenient with various built-in features.

About Singer 9960
Among those many great machines out there, Singer is probably one of the most if not the most popular sewing machine brand thanks to their long history and qualities, making them the choice of so many sewist out there. They are also offering a huge amount of options to make sure every users can get the kind of machine they need in a price range we can afford starting from a very basic machine like Singer 4411 vs 4432 to a higher-end models with computerized system.

If the one you are looking for is a computerized machines with some better capabilities yet still friendly enough for those who just start to take an interest on sewing machines, Singer 9960 will be a great item to pick. This one is among the most popular computerized machine with thousands of reviews on Amazon, making it an interesting one to check. What’s making it amazing is the built-in stitches options that comes in whopping number, even double to some of its competitors, great for anyone who are looking for variations.

Singer 9960 Design
From the outside, there is nothing special about this machine and it looks just like any other computerized sewing machines out there. The outer body are made from plastic material but they feels durable enough while the inside parts are mostly metals. Singer 9960 have a curve on the control panel, to ease the operation by pushing the buttons layout a bit forward. At the top there are a handle to carry the machine and a lid which when opened, we can see the collection of stitches available.

Singer 9960 Features
Singer 9960 is boasting their collection of stitches which is 600 in total including 13 full automatic one-step buttonhole and 5 different alphanumeric fonts in case you want to create a personalized items with letters. With this amount, most of us may won’t need all of them or applied them on our projects but this huge options can be helpful when you are working on a more advanced items so we can put anything we want as simple as selecting the preferred stitch.

The control also include the stitch length and width that we can adjust from the control panel and what we love the most from this one is the speed control since we can choose to adjust them whether we want them to be faster or slower, following our natural speed, making it is great for any level of sewist and those who want to work with heavy duty fabric to prevent the needle from breaking.

Another useful features on Singer 9960 is the automatic needle threader and cutter which is sure helpful to make sure we use less time starting and finishing the project, combined with a removable arm to allow users to do hems or when doing items like pants and sleeve along with an extra-large working area.

About Brother PC 420
Since there are various items out there, why not look around for another option first before making up your mind and choose your preferred items because we may find a better unit or those that suit your need the most. If you are looking for a computerized sewing machine that can offer more, the other option you need to check is Brother PC 420. Similar to 9960 from Singer, this one is also featured with various automation and built-in stitches for any sewist.

Brother PC 420 Design
This machine is a very compact unit built with plastic material as the cover and pretty look just like many other Brother’s machines out there. It has a small LCD screen and a series or conveniently placed buttons to operate the machines and choosing the options shown on their screen. On the front of removable accessories case, there is a seam guide on the needle plate and when this case is not in place, we can see the free arm.

Brother PC 420 Features
As it has been mentioned above, Brother PC 420 is a good machine with a huge options of built-in stitches, making them able to do various designs as easy as pressing a few buttons to select the whished stitch. It offers 294 utility and decorative stitch options in total that covers 3 alphanumeric fonts and 10 one-step buttonholes. With this many option, we can apply various designs or stitches on our project and won’t get bored since we can change them as needed.

Like many good machines out there, Brother PC 420 is also featured with an automatic needle threader and cutting that can be useful when you are doing with a fast pace project. They may not a necessary capabilities for some, but having them in hand sure will help you spend less time preparing the machine and finishing the items. For those who loves to do their projects at various speeds, there is a speed control here as well when you need to work faster or slower.

Another thing we lover from Brother PC 420 is they are powerful enough to deal with various materials since as long as you don’t work with a heavy duty thick materials like fur and reptile skin, most common fabrics we often used are fine, making them a good option for those who want to work with various materials. Its bright workspace and removable arm are also helpful to ease your eyes when in dim condition and to work on items like sleeve respectively.

Now, let’s compare Singer 9960 with Brother PC 420. While most of their capabilities are the same, there is still one huge difference between these machines because as you may already know, Singer 9960 is coming with two times stitches available in Brother PC 420, making the machine offers a wider options for those who need a greater amount of collection. Another difference is on the screen since even though both of them have a small screen, the one from Singer is slightly bigger.

Singer 9960 vs Brother PC 420

- SINGER COMPUTERIZED SEWING MACHINE: The SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960 portable sewing machine has loads of ease-of-use features to allow you to fulfill your creative dreams Has a large selection of stitches including basic, stretch and decorative stitches for fashion sewing, quilting, home decor and crafting There’s even a selection of fonts to personalize projects
- AUTOMATIC NEEDLE THREADER: Threading the machine is so easy that you can have the entire machine threaded, from the spool to the needle’s eye, in seconds The built-in needle threader threads the eye of the needle for you, eliminating eye strain and frustration
- BEST SEWING MACHINE: The SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960 sewing machine has 600 Built-In Stitches including 5 Alphanumeric Fonts and 13 built-in 1-Step Buttonholes with Exclusive Buttonhole Underplate It also has Mirror Imaging and Stitch Elongation providing even more creative possibilities
- Professional grade, 294-stitch computerized sewing model delivers couture-level, consistent stitch quality. Comes complete with 11 presser feet, hard case and full set of accessories
- 850 stitches per minute, metal frame construction, with easy-to-use LED display for stitch selection and dual LED workspace lighting system
- Exceptional fabric feeding system, presser foot pressure adjustment, next-generation easy one-handed threading system, F.A.S.T. bobbin system, and variable speed control with illuminated start/stop feature for sewing without the foot controller

All in all, the decision is all yours to make since we may have different taste and preference for what we need. However, if you are looking for the one that can offer more stitches option here, we will recommend you to pick Singer 9960 since this one have a wide collection to always provide you with the kind of design you need.