Singer 14J250 vs Brother 1034D

Using a proper tool when working on something is very beneficial to help us do the process quickly and more efficiently, just like when sewing fabrics, making clothes and similar items. Most sewist may already have a sewing machine but a serger can be helpful as well. There are so many good machines out there such as Singer 14J250 vs Brother 1034D. Both of them are similar yet also different, so check our article below to pick the best option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why using a serger machine
  • What are Singer 14J250 and Brother 1034D
  • What Singer 14J250 and Brother 1034D Look Like
  • What Singer 14J250 and Brother 1034D can offer to you
  • Singer 14J250 vs Brother 1034D

Serger Machine
As a human with different taste and preference, it is not unusual to have a different hobby or favorite activity. Some may prefer to do sports that will challenge their adrenaline while some may prefer a laid back hobby such as reading or drawing that will boost up the imagination. Since long time ago, sewing is a popular hobby mainly loved by female and until today, they are still done by so many people whether just for a hobby or for a living.

Just like with many other activities, we will need a proper tool and knowledge to do our hobby and sewing is the same. For people who often do them in their daily life and prefer to do them quickly or professionally, most of us are already at least have one sewing machine in our house because they are essential to get a professional results. Due to the technology advances, there are also higher machine that utilize computerizing to ease the users work and give them access to more designs.

Besides sewing machines, another useful machine to have for sewist is a serger machine which is also good to have to ease your workload and give more professional finish. For those who are still not familiar with a serger or overlock machine, they are used to trims and enclosed the seam allowance or edge of the fabric, inside a thread casing, all in one step. Additionally, most sergers are already equipped with decorative stitches as well, thus not only fast, they are going to help you discover which stitches work best for your project.

Of course many sewist can get by even successfully without a serger machine in their journey, but having one can be a great investment for your future work. They are fast and their basic stitches are tend to be sturdier and stretchier than a regular sewing machine stitches which is beneficial to make them last longer or more durable. Additionally, as it has been mentioned above, they will also cut the excess fabric, eliminating the need to manually trim them later.

About Singer 14J250
There are so many good options out there when it comes to serger just like a sewing machine but looking for the one that will benefit you the most is not going to be easy since we will need a good reading into their specifications first before committing. If you still don’t have a favorite item, you may want to check those from popular brand like Singer since as you may already know, this brand is among the most if not the most well-known out there.

If you already use their sewing machine then you know how good their machines are but for serger, Singer 14J250 is among the most loved by users. This machine is promising a consistent serging speed along with all those useful feature you will definitely need to finish your works. Additionally, they also offer a variety or stitching options to be more versatile and increased its functionality.

Singer 14J250 Design
From the outside, Singer 14J250 looks just like many other serger machine and they are actually very standard with no special design or unusual addition. The unit is covered in plastic casing like many modern sewing machine but for durability, they are still dependable due to made with metal internal components. As you can see from the picture, the threading system is also color-coded to promote easy threading and to be more convenient for the users. In addition, we can get various accessories in the package.

Singer 14J250 Features
The first thing we love from Singer 14J250 is the thread options because this machine is capable of sewing with 2-3-4 thread options which is good to give you options into whatever you are planning to do. Depend on which you choose, either amount of thread will have a seam with some stretch capabilities but the more it have, the stronger they will be. These options consist of 4 thread mock stretch stitch, 3 thread overlock stitch, 3 thread mock stretch stitch, and 2 thread overlock stitch.

In addition to this option, Singer 14J250 is also capable of performing a rolled hem function which mean they will roll the very edge of the fabric to the underside and enclosed the edge with a thread. For those who work with different materials whether they are stretchy or sturdy, you will love to know that this machine have differential feed. With this capability, we can adjust the feed and get the same result we found on our sewing machine with even feed foot.

Since one of the benefit of serger is their speed, to quicken your pace even further, Singer 14J250 is working as fast as 1300 stitches per minute, making it one of the faster machine out there. To support your work, there will be various accessories included in this package such as all-purpose foot, brush, stitch fingers, two thread converter, extra cutter, wrench, cutting width gauge needle threader and many more.

About Brother 1034D
Since there are so many good options out there, it is better to also consider them first before purchasing because we may find another dependable products with better capabilities or available in a more affordable price you may like. If you like the kind of capabilities in Singer 14J250 then, you will need to check Brother 1034D as well because they are coming with similar capabilities if not better. Additionally, this model is also available at a more interesting price point for those who plan to spend less.

Brother 1034D itself is a good machine that already comes with various useful, interesting features including 3-4 sewing options for a wide variety of different fabrics. It can cover you from spaghetti straps to the largest ruffles you may want to do later as well as creating a decorative edging, moreover, they are very friendly with new users and those with less to spend.

Brother 1034D Design
Looking at Brother 1034D, there is nothing special about this serger machine and they seem to appear just like many other similar machines out there. Due to the main cover which is made from plastic, they are quite light to move around but you don’t have to worry since the internal part or the machine side is all metal to provide a long wear. From the design alone, what we love the most is their free arm and we can remove them when needed.

Brother 1034D Features
On the sewing capability, Brother 1034D offers a versatile choices with their presser feet that are already included in the package consisting of 4 thread overclock, 3 thread overclock, narrow hem, rolled hem, and ribbon lock stitch. However, if you need, we can purchase an additional foot to add another options into this collection and allow us to do another stitches consisting of pin tucks, blind hemming, and flat lock. With this many options, we can adjust or put variants in our projects as needed. Read also: Brother 1034D vs DZ1234 here.

Another useful feature you will love is the differential feed we can adjust with a control located at the left side of this machine. With this differential feed, we can work with different fabric types such as those stretchy material to prevent the result to get wavy or bumpy. At the end, we can get a professional look with any kind of fabric we used from denim, jersey knits and even silk. In addition to this feature, Brother 1034D also have retractable knife to trim the edge right before being serged.

On the additional part, there is a light bulb here to add some lighting when you are working on a rather dim environment but they are not an LED yet. Brother 1034D also comes with a set of accessories including multipurpose foot, gathering foot, foot controller, accessory bag, soft cover, needle set, 4 spool nets, and  brush trim trap. This model have removable stitch finger which you can use when need to produce good quality consistent stitches along the edge as well.

Now, let’s compare Singer 14J250 with Brother 1034D. As you may already know, the prominent difference between these machines is the thread options because the first is 2-3-4 thread machine while the latter is 3-4 thread. This difference will affect its stitching options depend on your need. Other main capabilities are similar but only Brother 1034D comes with a removable free arm which will be useful when you are serging items like pants leg or sleeves.

Singer 14J250 vs Brother 1034D

- 2-3-4 Stitch Capability provides more stitch variety
- Needle Threader & Wide Open Threading makes set-up a breeze
- Differential Feed eliminates stretching and puckering on all fabrics
- Differential fabric feed;for truly professional, even stitch quality, even on thin, knitted, and stretchy fabrics
- Easy to thread, easy to learn and use; with included instruction video, printed manual, and completely color-coded and numbered upper and lower looper threading. Includes free phone support for the life of the product, and a 25-year limited warranty
- Reliable, high performance 3/4 thread serger delivers professional edge finishing on a wide range of fabrics, including knits, linens and formal wear. Create ruffles, decorative edges, gathers; join laces; serge narrow sleeves, spaghetti straps, and more!

All in all, the decision is all yours to make since we may have different preference. But, if we are to choose, we will recommend you to pick Brother 1034D, because not only they are equally a powerful machine, this model is available in a more affordable price compared to the other option.