Singer 1304 vs 2277

Whether you are an experienced or beginner sewist, a sewing machine is created to ease your job and they are also faster when you need to finish the project especially when it comes to convenience and possibilities to work with. For the new enthusiast or general users, singer 1304 Vs 2277 are two charming machines to consider. They are very affordable, easy to use, but still deliver plenty of abilities to custom. For those wondering which of these machines will be the better choice, do check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Which Sewing Machine to Purchase
  • What are Singer 1304 and 2277
  • What Singer 1304 and 2277 Look Like
  • How are the Stitches in Singer 1304 and 2277
  • What else Singer 1304 and 2277 can offer
  • What are the Accessories Included with Singer 1304 and 2277
  • Singer 1304 Vs 2277

Sewing Machine

Being creative is probably what makes many of us happy because from just imagination we can create various items with various different purposes. There are different types of hobbies we can use to fill our free time or just channel our creative side and interest but hobbies like sewing or crafting are not only fun but also useful. Sometimes it is enough with just the tools and items around the house but, when you are getting serious, buying a specific machine to help around will be a great plan.

If you are here then sewing is probably your passion, your hobby, or just a useful skill to make sure we can handle fabric related items in the house; whether it is making and fixing your own clothes or creating various stuffs. Almost every house has sewing supplies with thread and needle but they are definitely not enough for a more demanding project such as making clothes, table cloth, pillow cover, etc. Here is why a sewing machine can be a great help to reduce the stress. Read also: Singer Talent 3323 Vs 3323S.

In modern day we have tons of options including sewing machines and now the first you may want to consider when getting one is how they work. There are computerized and mechanical machines though they do have the same functions. Some people compare them like manual and automatic cars with computerized variants often have the smoother work, less noisy, and often being lighter yet, when it comes to functionality they are the same based on what features or capabilities planted on the machine itself.

Singer 1304Singer 2277
Product Dimensions13.78 x 7.09 x 11.42 inches15 x 6.25 x 12 inches
Shipping Weight9.46 pounds13.6 pounds
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There are also options to choose either top loading or front loading machine; somehow sounds like a washing machine. Top loading is often called drop-in where the bobbin comes from the top and directly underneath the needle and presser foot. To see this clearly, usually the lid is also transparent thus, we can view the bobbin. The front loading has different spots for the bobbin as it is hidden behind the storage box so we can’t see it until we open the lid; in general top loading is more beginner friendly.

In addition, we need to consider their maximum stitch width as well. In most cases sewing machines are offering a 7mm maximum width which means we can easily find the accessories or feet to match while cheaper machines can have a maximum width of 5mm so it is a bit difficult to find the accessories. If you have more fortune there models with up to 9mm stitch width as well. For the recommendations, 7mm machines are more versatile including for users who often do patchwork/quilting, evening/bridal/couture, etc.

About Singer 1304 and 2277

There are plenty of options out there and all sewing machines have the same functionalities so it can be difficult to settle for one yet, it is always possible to browse around and pick the machine with the most promising capabilities. They are also not expensive based on what has been featured in the product but beginner models are usually ranging around $100 to slightly more expensive than $200. Shopping based on the brand is also faster if you already have a favorite manufacturer.

Talking about favorite sewing machine, Singer is probably one if not the most popular sewing machine in the world. We still remember how our granny used to sew some clothes for us using a very traditional, black, singer machine when we were still in elementary school. Many of us may still have the machine in the house somewhere whether it is still working or not. Following the technology Singer made lots of modern and more convenient machines for the new generations.

They offer a wide range of sewing machines from the most affordable, basic models to those used by experienced, enthusiast, and industrial grade purposes. For the home use and occasional or hobbyist, Singer 1304 and 2277 are two ideal options to consider. Unlike many common brands, for some reason sewing machines have confusing and lots of numbers on the model which easily can lead to confusion just like these two which are very much similar yet somehow sound like models from different eras.

Both of them are very affordable so it is not surprising that many beginners are looking to buy one of them but the best thing about Singer 1304 and 2277 is probably their ease of use because there are no fancy features and tons of adjustment so it should be a breeze to start with. All the basics are included for typical use and suitable for home use or learning. However, it doesn’t mean that the two are exactly identical as it is not the case here.

Singer 1304 and 2277 Design

Side by side they are about the same but not identical as the shape of the housing is also different. In comparison the 1304 is simpler and probably looks modern in a sense while the housing of 2277 is curved so it somehow mimics the shape of the older machine. The materials are a combination of plastic and metal but the white housing is plastic which is great since it means the unit will be lighter to move around as sewing machines are usually small but heavy.

The dimensions of Singer 1304 and 2277 are also about the same but the 2277 is slightly wider in dimension and in general the two are not very compact either so we have to allocate a room on the table for the machine. Roughly Singer 1304 is measured around 13 by 7 by 11.5 inches while the 2277 is 15 by 6.2 by 12 inches. As for the styling, both of them are drop-in bobbin so we do think they are more suitable for most people.

Singer 1304 and 2277 Stitches 

Moving further, let’s see what Singer 1304 and 2277 can offer and the first interesting but also useful features in these machines is the built-in stitches. Most machines are coming with a set of stitches so users can start right away and just be creative while convenient. In this part, the 1304 is lesser compared to 2277 as it only comes with a total of 6 different stitches in which the latter is packing a whopping 23 stitches in the machine, thus affecting the application.

With Singer 2277, we can use lots more different sewing techniques or claim to make all 97 techniques possible instead of just 57 but, for the common jobs, we also think that 6 stitches are enough for many of us, especially beginners and casual users. Using them we can hem pants or shorts, making bags, or even quilting. When it comes to sewing buttonholes, the 2277 use an easy one-step system while the former use a four-step mechanism.

Singer 1304 and 2277 Features

On the features part, one of the best capabilities Singer 2277 has is the automatic needle threader that is not coming with the 1304. We say that it is very convenient for us because while some people are used to threading their machine manually, it will be much more helpful to have an automatic function on the machine, especially when needle threading can be quite annoying as our eyes age. Another difference between Singer 1304 and 2277 is adjustable stitch length which is displayed on the machine.

Using this function, we can do various stitches by decreasing and increasing the distance between stitches such as applique and basting or more styles and sadly this along with adjustable width is also not present in the 1304 as this Singer machine is coming with presets only. Looking this from the beginner user, it actually helpful if you will not use much customization.

Singer 1304 and 2277 Accessories 

The last part we want to mention is the accessories that come in the box because we will need them to start right away and in this part, the collection can be different between shops so make sure to check what’s included. Most likely they will come with all-purpose foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot, darning plate needles, bobbins, spool pin felts, seam ripper, needle plate screwdriver, brush, and manual inside the box.

Singer 1304 vs 2277

These machines are ideal for beginners but also different on the customization level. We do think they are easy to use but if you will be applying more technique or want more options to work with, the Singer 2277 is the better option because not only it comes with more collection of stitches, this machine is also featured with lots of convenient functionalities that makes the activity even more enjoyable, especially with adjustable length, width, and automatic needle threader.

- SINGER’s Start 1304 sewing machine has 6 basic stitches from which to choose, selected by the simple turn of a dial
- Heavy duty metal frame ensures that the machine remains Still for skip-free sewing
- Stainless steel bedplate provides smooth fabric feed for even sewing
- Singer Sewing Machine: The Singer Tradition 2259 portable sewing machine features 19 built-in stitches, a built-in 4-step button hole, and a sturdy metal frame that makes sewing creative projects fun and easy.
- High-pressure foot lift: The SINGER Tradition 2259 sews several layers of thick fabric. The presser foot can be raised to a higher position to facilitate positioning of your project.
- Best Sewing Set: Best sewing machine with a built-in needle threader, quick and easy threading, adjustable stitch length and width, free arm, and on-board accessory storage.
- Free Arm Sewing Machine: The free arm provides easy access to cuffs, collars, hems and other hard to reach areas. Onboard storage provides easy access to included accessories.


There is no bad sewing machine between the two as they are designed for different users and it is best to choose based on what you will want to use. Personally we recommend the Singer 2277 because it is not far more expensive than the 1304 and already comes with more possibilities when you have more experiences.