Silhouette Curio Vs Cricut Maker

Creativity is one of the gifts owned by special people only. As you can see a creative person would be able to survive in their way. Somehow common-people didn’t realize that their ideas are possible. It is one of the points that should be noteworthy. It is noteworthy to consider someone else’s point of view. Besides, you can be more open-minded and improve your problem-solving skill.

The specific kind of creativity that is going to be explained here is design. It may look abstract as it talks about taste, art, and aesthetic things. Some people must own their reference and self-value to express themselves. But remain, you can share and let people assume and enjoy the aesthetic value in their way.

For this reason, you can complete your need with Silhouette Curio and Cricut Maker. Both of product will give you a new experience for your cutting machine. With the great result, this product will give you a lot of suitable job. Silhoutte Curio or Cricut Maker will help you to have stabilitazion work.

If you are interested to improve your design creativity to the next level, you have to find supportive tools. Finding a suitable cutting machine can be your fast track anyway. You can choose Silhoutte Curio or Cricut Maker to complete your need. To understand the point, read carefully as below.

Silhouette Curio

Silhouette Curio is one of the cutting machine brands with high qualifications. Supported with advanced technology, you can connect the machine with your Mac or PC and access the software, Silhouette Studio. The apps would help you a lot to create more designs with ease. Many DIY projects are ready to be executed with this cutting machine. You just have to send the design to the Curio and make it into reality.

Silhouette CurioCricut Maker
Product Dimensions17.25 x 5.5 x 7 inches22.6 x 7.09 x 6.22 inches
Shipping Weight7.5 pounds15.02 pounds
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It costs around $300 only. Available with a high qualification of cutting machine for a beginner, it also has a compact design. It fits into minimalism and a cool interior as well. The size of this cutting machine is 17.25 x 5.5 x 7 inches only. It has also 7.5 pounds for its weight. As the expert of cutting machines, Silhouette Curio was awarded as #94,019 in Arts, Crafts & Sewing and #323 in Scrapbooking Die-Cut Machines. What a great achievement.

The things that you can produce with this machine is creating etched metal, embellish foils and metal with stipple pattern, multi-color designs, and also print and cut feature. However, it is noteworthy that stipping and etching tools are available in the separated set. Therefore, you need to purchase them as an additional one. Silhouette Curio is a great machine that can emboss or debossing soft papers, vellum and cut the delicate material while printing at once. Fortunately, they proudly introduce many different types of embossing that would be able to be created with the machine. They are path, score, and print emboss

They know the important details needed by the customers. It would help for any beginner who is trying to develop skills in creative design. The application of Silhouette Studio also provides lots of ease and basic design templates that able to be developed by users. Besides, if you like more challenging things. Creating your design from scratch would be joyful. The strengths of this machine give you access to print and cut your design on woods, canvas, metals, and many more. The deep cut blade can cut up to 2 mm thick materials

What you will take home while purchasing this item are the machine, blade, and cords. You can elaborate on your design in more detail.

Cricut Maker    

Have you ever heard this one before? Don’t worry, this article would help you to know even both brands well. First thing first, please get to know the value of Cricut Maker; [CREATE MORE] Creative design is a sky limited space to express. With this machine, you can create everything you want on papercraft, iron-on, vinyl, leather, sewing projects, and many more.

Move to the next one is [ENDLESS PROJECT POSSIBILITIES]. Can you what that would mean? The supportive features attached such as blades, pens, and also scoring tools give you more access to create your design even in a complex one. Create big creative projects without worry is yours. Afterward, say hi to [NEW ROTARY BLADE FOR FABRICS] with its gliding, rolling action, this blade cuts can cut the fabric and any materials virtually in quickly and accurately.

For other details, you have to experience yourself to know how great this machine works for you. Cricut Maker is available in champagne with a cost around $ 500. It may doesn’t look like an affordable price. However, there must be reasons that would differentiate this machine from others in the market.

What you would have in a package when buying this set are the great masterpiece of the Cricut Maker machine itself, fine point pen, two 12” x 12” cutting mats, materials for your first project, rotary blade + drive housing, premium fine point blade + housing and a fine point pen. Last but not least, this machine has been created with high advanced technology and provides you more design in apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Therefore, you can drive faster to reach your stars with Cricut Maker. Special for you, get 50 free ready-to-make projects, including 25 sewing patterns. What are you waiting for then?

If you are waiting for their achievement in the industry, here it is #617 in Arts, Crafts & Sewing and #8 in Scrapbooking Die-Cut Machines. Could not agree far more. Besides, Its dimension is 22.6 x 7.09 x 6.22 inches with 15.02 pounds of weight.No need to doubt how great they work. Read also: Janome 2212 Vs Brother CS6000i.

Silhouette Curio Vs Cricut Maker

- The Curio is taking giant leaps forward with its new features; Along with the new stippling and etching functions, Silhouette is proud to introduce three types of embossing methods-Path Emboss, Score & Emboss, and Print & Emboss
- With Curio, you can now cut thicker material. When used with Silhouette's new deep-cut blade, you can cut up to 2mm thick materials; The Curio boasts a 5mm clearance, which allows you to feed thicker materials through the machine
- It's all driven by powerful Silhouette Studio software and the Silhouette Design Store. The Curio is the only machine that can unlock the embossing, stippling, and etching, and dual carriage options that will now be available in Silhouette Studio
- Simply connect the Curio to your PC or Mac with the included USB cable and use the included software, Silhouette Studio, to design your project
- Cricut Maker gives you the freedom to make everything from paper crafts, iron ons, and vinyl decals to sewing projects, leather crafts, and balsa models
- Expandable suite of tools. With its powerful blades, pens, and scoring tool, Cricut Maker grows with you as you learn each new craft
- With its gliding, rolling action, this blade cuts through virtually any fabric quickly and accurately – without backing material
- Simplifies sewing and quilting projects. Choose from hundreds of digital sewing patterns, and Cricut Maker cuts and marks all the pieces – you just sew them together


Both cutting machines do their job perfectly great in their way. However, it would be best for you to find the features that you need. As you can see that Silhouette Curio may more affordable than the Cricut Maker, but see in detail. Don’t judge the machine to buy its tag. Price gives you more features, quality, and many more. If you are a beginner and ready to learn just in your leisure time, the Silhouette Curio would better for you. The features provided are basics and let you know them first. You can also elaborate your creativity based on the available features only. Therefore, when you have the desire to enhance the level, you are ready to experiment with the new one.