Silhouette Cameo vs Cameo 2

Vinyl cutter is a versatile machine that will help you design and creating lots of patterns in almost an instant because they will handle the cutting process more effectively, better, and precisely. Silhouette Cameo vs Cameo 2 are two amazing machines from the brand that are made to help crafters and hobbyists to lessen the effort and time spent on their project. If you are also considering these options, check what these models can offer and pick the one that took your interest the most.

Silhouette Cameo vs Cameo 2
In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– How to Shop for a Vinyl Cutter
– What are Silhouette Cameo and Cameo 2
– What Silhouette Cameo and Cameo 2 Look Like
– How are the Cutting Ability of Silhouette Cameo and Cameo 2
– How are the Blade of Silhouette Cameo and Cameo 2
– What else Silhouette Cameo and Cameo 2 can offer
– Silhouette Cameo Vs Cameo 2

Vinyl/Cutting Machine

Almost all of us if not all of us have a hobby whether it is just following certain movie genre or franchise to do some important and impactful activities that require you to put lots of effort and time to build. It depends on each person’s taste and we can choose whatever activity fits our personality or an amount of time we can allocate for the hobby. Among those many hobbies out there, crafting is a very popular nowadays especially for those who love to create unique items based on their creativity.

Just like any other hobbies, there will be tools needed to create crafts and they are very useful both to cut the amount of time and effort needed to finish the project. One of the most versatile machines you may want to have if cutting fabrics and material is among the most task-full activities is vinyl cutter because this machine will do all the cutting process we often spend much time in almost an instant depending on each machine’s capability.

They are used by both professional and hobbyist and the former usually look for a professional grade rather that we used to see at stores because they need the most powerful models to cut a wider variants of materials especially those extremely thin or thick and complicated design. On the other hand, the model often used by hobbyist are mostly compact or small enough to be fitted in your table along with the whole setup as well as affordable for many to afford.

Vinyl cutter is available in various models and there are lots of them out there from different manufacturers while sometimes there are prominent different as well between one product and model to another. What we need to do first is deciding the option based on what we are looking for in the machine or what necessary.

1. First important thing we consider necessary in a cutting machine is their capability to cut a design whether the length, width and depth because it will decide how big or how thick a material they can handle. Most machines have these information in their specification.
2. Next is the type of their motor because we have two of them used in various vinyl cutters and they are servo and stepper. The latter mostly used in a more affordable models but not as smooth in operation as the former both in comfort and performance.
3. Another important point to consider is the compatibility and this is necessary to get an idea what we can cut with the machine because not all of us will handle the same fabric or materials whether it is a thick cardboard or thin and fragile paper.
4. Last but not least is ease of use for we want the one with straightforward operation and it lets us to utilize the machine without much hassle. In addition, you may want to choose the one with wireless connectivity if often uploading design from a portable device like a tablet or smartphone.

Silhouette CameoSilhouette Cameo 2
Product Dimensions21 x 5.5 x 6 inches
11 x 5 x 7 inches
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About Silhouette Cameo and Cameo 2

If you have written what need to present in the machine, now is the time to see what the market has to offer because there are lots of good choices and it will take some time before we can find the perfect option. Besides the features or capabilities, you may also want to set a budget first so then we don’t spend too much and help selecting the product faster since those too expensive and cheaper can be eliminated instantly from the list.

For those who want to shop quickly, we can also see what the other similar users are utilizing because it has a higher chance to fit your preference as well. Among the vast option, Silhouette is one of the most popular and reliable option for any hobbyist who need a reliable machine and convenience to their application. Another plus point about this brand is the huge community because they are very helpful to help you later when having an issue while using the machine or sharing information.

The company carries several cutting machines which are continuously being upgraded from year to year and recently, they just released the Cameo 4 that was topping the collection but just as many other new products, this model is still quite expensive. If you are only looking for a reliable vinyl cutter, the predecessor Silhouette Cameo and Cameo 2 are already an amazing options to consider because they have been the partner of many crafters thanks to the straightforward operation and good performance. Read also: Cricut Maker vs Brother ScanNCut 2 here.

The first Cameo was the favorite of so many people because it was such a great cutting machine at the time and as when this article is written, not so much anymore because technology has been moving forward so much and Silhouette also work hard to better their machines. This model is known to be not so amazing when it comes to the vinyl cutting itself but is fine with other materials. The Cameo 2 on the other hand is improved with more handy and modern features.

Silhouette Cameo and Cameo 2 Design

Aesthetic wise, Silhouette Cameo and Cameo 2 are very pretty and look functional with the natural printer appearance which you can just say for any vinyl cutter out there. They sport the same design with some fashion options to pick such as white like the one in our sample picture above or if you prefer pink and baby blue. What instantly different from the first glance is that the latter has a new user interface because it has a touch panel on the right.

There is a flat panel at the front and when you open this window, there will be a cartridge inside just like what we used to see in a printer but instead of holding ink tank, this cartridge is holding the cutting blade and similarly, both of them only have one clip inside. We are not sure about the exact thickness of their feed but what we are sure is they are not made to cut thick item because the feed clearance itself is measured around 0.8mm.

Silhouette Cameo and Cameo 2 Cutting Ability

If you are familiar with cutting machine or vinyl cutter then you will be familiar as well with cutting mat which is used to hold a material like fabric in place and both of Silhouette Cameo and Cameo 2 are coming with the standard 12 x 12 inches as well as 12 x 24 inches mats so we cut material up to 12-inch wide. When not using the mat such as cutting vinyl, we can load much more up to 12 and 10 feet respectively for each machine.

Material compatibility they can cut almost anything as long as it is not too thin or too thick, especially for the first Cameo and we have heard many people can’t properly load vinyl evenly with this machine. The blade force itself is most likely will not exceed 210 gf so we don’t think any thick boards are cuttable. But, the blade depth is adjustable via the software and if needed we can double cut the design to properly separate them from the rest.

Silhouette Cameo and Cameo 2 Blade

As for the blade, both of them are packed with cutting blade already and while this is the standard that will be able to cut most common materials, there are other blade we can purchase separately from the brand to cut thinner fabric. In addition besides holding blade, we can also use the clasp to hold pen or drawer which allow the machine to create designs like words and phrases makes them great or useful to create unique personal invitations or cards.

Silhouette Cameo and Cameo 2 Feature

Coming to the feature side, while the Cameo 2 is looking like a more modern model, this machine is actually not as much improved from the older version as far as features can go because we only get the print and cut and PixScan feature that all possible as well in original Cameo. Print and cut is as simple as the name suggests because it will let you print design from its designer software and then we can load the material in the machine to let it finish the cutting process.

PixScan is the same and users have to convert the file we have scan with our other device through the software and then print them then use the machine to cut the printed design. It is very useful when you already have the design in a surface and want them instantly on another material.


Both of these machines are more similar rather than different and there is very little upgrade into the system which makes them not as interesting to compare but the additional screen does improve the ease of use yet, it still need a physical connection to a PC just like more traditional printer but instead of printing papers, these two are cutting fabrics and materials following the design we have been commanding through the software or use the print-and-cut/PixScan.

Silhouette Cameo vs Cameo 2

- The silhouette cameo include a 12 inch cutting mat, cutting blade, 50 exclusive cuttable designs and $10 gift card to the Silhouette Online Store
- Includes access to thousands of downloadable designs; Includes PC and Mac compatible software
- Cuts up to 12-inch wide and 10-feet long; cuts a variety of materials from vinyl to fabric
- Silhouette Cameo II - Newest Model with Touch Screen
- Designer Software Code - 49.99 Value
- Cutting Blade, Vinyl Trimmer, 12-inch x 12-inch Mat


All in all they are more similar than different so we can choose just any of them but, if you want to be more convenient, we do recommend to get the newer Cameo 2 yet, if budget is an issue, the original Cameo is already a capable machine.