Janome 2212 vs Singer 4423

Sewing machines are convenient and will elevate your projects because it is faster to sew with them and ensure the result will look more professional as well. There are plenty of options out there depending on what seems to fit in your application the most such as the very capable Janome 2212 Vs Singer 4423. These sewing machines are convenient, easy to use, but also a bit different and if you are interested, do check what they can offer below. 

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Shop for a Sewing Machine
  • What are Janome 2212 and Singer 4423
  • What Janome 2212 and Singer 4423 Look Like
  • How are the Stitches in Janome 2212 and Singer 4423
  • What else Janome 2212 and Singer 4423 can offer
  • How are the Performance of Janome 2212 and Singer 4423
  • Janome 2212 Vs Singer 4423

Sewing Machines

Having a hobby is great because you can have an activity that helps you relax or enjoy while not doing the actual daily responsibilities. If it is related to your job, at least we also enjoy what we have to do to make money. Not all of us will have the same hobbies however so it is best to follow what interests you the most and for those who love crafting or utilizing fabric, sewing and making clothes or apparel will not only be fun but also useful.

We can sew with just hands but let’s be honest it is very time consuming and not ideal if you will have to work on lots of material or work on a larger batch. Thankfully sewing machines have been around for so long that technology has made them into far better machines nowadays. For sewists who are working with more load, it is recommended to have a sewing machine in order to make everything faster, professional, and convenient.

The most important part to consider when buying almost anything is the budget itself because we will invest some of our hard-earned money. Different people may have different opinions but personally we believe that quality should be what decides the machine’s worth instead all bells and whistles. Good quality machines are not only useful and reliable when you need to finish a project quickly before the deadline but also save the frustration dealing with any possible issues later that may cost some to fix.

The next important factor to think about is stitches and we are sure this is where many of us are going to get confused because there are just so many options and various machines to choose from with different offerings. While again, our opinion may not always be the same, we do believe that it is wise not to get seduced by the amount or number of stitches, moreover after you have set a budget. At the core, the stitches we need are only straight and zigzag stitches.

However, there are also other types of stitches that will ease your job and worth considering in the machine. The example is buttonhole stitch which is actually a zigzag stitch but is automated so any machine that can do zigzag stitch should automatically have a buttonhole feature. In addition, since sewing machines nowadays are getting better and better, it is worth looking for some additional features as well. Many of them offer some that essentially will help you finish a task faster or just be more convenient.

Janome 2212Singer 4423
Product Dimensions17 x 9 x 13.5 inches
15.5 x 6.25 x 12 inches
Shipping Weight15.6 pounds
14.5 pounds
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About Janome 2212 and Singer 4423

If you also think a sewing machine will be a worthy investment, now is the time to see what the market has to offer because there are lots of them to choose from and not all of them will work best or fit in your typical application the most. Our tips in selecting the best machine is still the same which is by considering what you need from the machine and matching it with the budget to spend. Chances are you will find more than a pair that fit in the characteristics. 

There are also plenty of brands to shop from depending on which you like better and among those we can rely on, Janome and Singer are two amazing companies to look for. These are well-known names among sewists because their machines are loved by many due to the capabilities and qualities. Other brands like Brother with affordable machines such as Brother XL2600I Vs XM2701 will be two ideal options as well but if you are here then the two are what took your interest better.

Both of them have various machines to match with and for those who are going to stick with mechanical sewing machines, Janome 2212 and Singer 4423 are two amazing models to consider. Both of them are probably not as fancy as computerized machines with tons to offer but mechanical types have their own charm which is probably what attracts you the most. Many believe that they will last longer because there are less fragile components inside to maintain and others may love for its simplicity.

Regardless the reason, Janome 2212 and Singer 4423 are good machines both for beginner and serious sewist who want a reliable machine. There is not much to fiddle with in these machines and they are very simple to get started with but also powerful to help you finish projects much faster. The two are pretty much the same however when it comes to what they can offer, but they do have some slight differences that may or may not be important to you.

Janome 2212 and Singer 4423 Design

Starting from the sewing machine itself, there is nothing fancy about how they look because Janome 2212 and Singer 4423 are looking just like any sewing machines out there. The body or cover is made from plastic but they are thick and don’t feel flimsy at all with all controls that you can find right on the front of the machine. There are two large rotating knobs at the front but Singer does make these knobs larger probably for ease of use.

On the outside alone they are a bit different from the impression we get because Singer 4423 is claimed to be heavy duty and while it can be misunderstood as all parts especially cover case but it is not. The metal is the frame inside and most moving parts are made from metal as well while the cover is made from Duratek or those similar being used for helmets. Quality wise they seem durable and sturdy for years of application.

Janome 2212 and Singer 4423 Stitches

Moving further, now let’s see what Janome 2212 and Singer 4423 can offer. For many sewists, the most important part to look for is their stitches collection and in this part, the two are all coming with enough built-in stitches to allow you to make various creations and try new styles. What’s different is that Singer will give you more or a total of 23 stitches including one one-step buttonhole for an easy and convenient option when you are stitching buttons.

On the other hand Janome 2212 is coming with 12 built-in stitches including one four-step buttonhole and the two are also capable of common straight or zigzag stitches which means there are tons of possibilities to work with both machines. Personally we are a fan of one-step button hole because it is just convenient yet the four-step is not bad at all as we get used to it; it just requires more effort and can be confusing for beginners.

Janome 2212 and Singer 4423 Features

Another part we want to talk about is their additional features and one of our favorite features in sewing machine is a built-in needle threader which is offered by Singer 4432. This function is very convenient to have because threading and sewing goes hand in hand and we will do it very often as well. With an automatic needle threader, we can effortlessly thread the eye of the needle without having to strain the eye and frustration. For stitching arm and pants, the two have free arm functions.

Both Janome 2212 and Singer 4423 are also the common top drop in bobbin type of sewing machine which makes them easy to thread and easy to see as the transparent bobbin and cover allow sewist to monitor the thread supply thus, we won’t get the supply run out unnoticed in the middle of sewing. In addition, the two have drop feed so the teeth can be lowered for sewing buttons or free-motion sewing which is very necessary for quilters.

Janome 2212 and Singer 4423 Performance 

Last but not least is the user experience and performance wise the two Janome 2212 and Singer 4423 are amazing. They are very simple to use even for beginners and powerful to handle various materials as long as they are not very thick. The amount of stitches are enough for sewist to experiment and try new styles while the controls are easy to use. The knobs on Singer is larger so it is more comfortable and it has the pattern printed on the wheel as well for convenience.

Janome 2212 vs Singer 4423

Overall Janome 2212 and Singer 4423 are good sewing machines to buy especially if you are looking for a mechanical sewing machine. The difference is that Singer 4423 will be more durable probably because of the metal frame but this machine also offers more in the capabilities from additional built-in stitches to automatic needle threader. Price wise it is not far different from Janome and is a great choice for new and experienced sewists.

- 12 built-in stitches including a four-step buttonhole
- Stitch width adjustment and length adjustment ensures ease of use
- Drop feed for free motion sewing and quilting
- 110-volt machine, for use in US only
- SINGER HEAVY DUTY SEWING MACHINE: The 23 built-in stitches including basic, stretch, decorative, and buttonhole stitches allow you to sew a variety of projects, such as fashions, home décor, quilts, crafts, and more
- AUTOMATIC NEEDLE THREADER SEWING MACHINE: After following the threading path printed right on the machine, this built-in feature helps you to effortlessly thread the eye of the needle without eye strain or frustration. Amps (0.7). Watts (84). Volts (120). Hz (60)
- HIGH-SPEED SEWING MACHINE:The Singer 4423 Sewing Machine has a maximum sewing speed of 1, 100 stitches-per-minute, so projects can be sewn quickly. The 60% Stronger Motor provides greater piercing power for thick seams
- HEAVY DUTY METAL FRAME: The Singer 4423 heavy duty sewing machine is a true workhorse. With a heavy-duty metal interior frame, stainless steel bedframe, extra-high sewing speed and powerful motor, this sewing machine can sew through a variety of heavy weight fabrics and provides long - lasting stability


It is best to shop based on what you need from the machine because our opinion may differ but personally we will recommend you Singer 4432 because this machine is pretty affordable, has lots to offer, and is convenient.