Heavy Duty 44S vs 4423

In this article, we will compare between Heavy Duty 44S and Heavy Duty 442. Both of these machines are really great in sewing because they have a powerful motor. Some people think, there is no differences between them because they are the identical sewing machine, not only in their features but also in their performance. But, what people say is not all true, “Why are there two machines if they have similarities?” To find out the answers and the differences, see the article below.

Heavy Duty 44S and Heavy Duty 4423 are designed for help you to do the heavy duty project, from denim to canvas. They have a powerful motor engine, you have extra high-speed stitches to save you time. By pressing the adjustable foot presser, you can also sew very thin sheers, and the stainless steel bed slab allows the fabric to glide over the machine easily. Create original costumes, sew personal clothing or replace your home with new decorative pillows and curtains. Among the 23 stitches is a one-step hole, giving you consistent results every time for projects you’ll be proud to say you make yourself. The Top Drop-in Bobbin is not only easy to thread in, it’s easy to see so you will not run out of spindle threads in the middle of stitches. SINGER Sewing Assistant Apps helps to figure out how to manage different fabrics and techniques.

There is absolutely no difference in features between Heavy Duty 44S and Heavy Duty 4423. They have a sewing assistant app that we can use to help stitches for various techniques and more. Then, Built-In Stitches (23), make it easier for you to choose from a variety of stitches for basic sewing, decorative sewing, and more. The engines are identical too, they have a 60% stronger motor than a standard sewing machine motor, allowing you to sew at high speeds up to 1100 stitches per minute.

The Fees
Unless the features on the machine, the difference between the two machines is huge. Heavy Duty 44S has always been an expensive one. So, Does 44 have to have some definite additional features? The answer is no, except for the color of these machines. Heavy Duty 4423 comes in gray, while Heavy Duty 44S comes in an attractive white color and the difference ends there. Another minor difference is the measurement mark that appears on Heavy Duty 44S, which is not present in Heavy Duty 4423. Both are essentially the same. So if you are looking for additional features on the Heavy Duty 44S, you will be disappointed. See also the comparisons between Quantum Stylist 9960 vs Quantum Stylist 9980.

There is no point in comparing these two machines. They have the same motor and the same features. One thing for sure is that both are excellent
machines for beginners.

Heavy Duty 44S vs 4423

- One-step buttonhole for consistent results every time
- Heavy duty metal frame for long lasting durability
- Bonus heavy duty accessories for heavy fabrics
- Adds stability and provides long lasting durability
- A variety of accessories are included with all purpose foot
- A soft-sided dust cover is also included in the packaging

We can say that these two machines are identical. But always there is a huge gap when you come to compare something. It is the price, Heavy Duty 44S always come with a more expensive price. One more is the color. Honestly, attractive color doesn’t make any differences in your work. Well, you can go with Singer 4423 and save the money for some extra accessories.