Brother XL2610 vs XL2600I

Sewing machine is one of the most important equipment every sewist or hobbyist need to have since they will ease our jobs when dealing with various projects and lift some of the burden from our shoulder. For those who just start to learn using the machine, Brother XL2610 vs. XL2600I can be a good option to go because they are made to be simpler. If you are also eyeing these machines, go check our article below to see what they can offer and which the better option is.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why using a Sewing Machine
– What are Brother XL2610 and XL2600I
– What Brother XL2610 and XL2600I Look Like
– How Many Stitches Available in Brother XL2610 and XL2600I
– What Else Brother XL2610 and XL2600I can offer to you
– What are the Disadvantage of Brother XL2610 and XL2600I
– Brother XL2610 vs XL2600I

Sewing Machine
Like many other activities out there, sewing will also require a set of tools you need to own to properly execute anything you want to do. Many of us start with manual sewing by hand and this is a good way to learn about the basic and control before you want to move into another step or level but, some may start using a machine even when they are still beginner since the tool can help a lot with your sewing project.

Beside sewing machine, there are few other machines we can get in the market to support our journey such as embroidery machine. It is true that not all of us are needing this one since not all people loves quilting or putting embroidery depend on what they are working on yet, this one is good to have if you often do related projects or loves to add some more personalized design into your projects like monogram.

Other machine we often hear is serger or overlock machine which is the one we used to finish a seam; to sew and cut the remaining fabric to give anything you are working look more professional and let the user to spend less time doing the project. This is a good machine for anyone who do lots of projects at a time to let the user spend less energy on creating the finish items. However, if you rarely sew, serger may not that important.

Among these equipment, sewing machine is the basic one we need to own since just like the name, they are the machine we use to sew. While sewing with hand can give a great result as well, we can only do them slowly and limited to an amount of items at once. For example, creating a dress by hand probably will require few weeks to finish but with a machine, we can do them faster. But, the most important is they can lift some weight from our shoulder.

While sewing machine do need some basic knowledge and skill to operate, they are made to ease the work of user and even if you are still a beginner, there will be many good options out there that offer a simpler operation, matching your skill and to help you develop them so after we can master the machine, we can start moving into the higher-end one with lots of options you may want to have such as those computerized machine like Singer 9960 vs. Brother PC 420.

For new users, it is better to look for an entry-level machine since not only they are simpler to use, the price is also more affordable and don’t have much adjustment to make sure we don’t have to do a lot when setting the machine, reducing the chance of getting confused when operating the unit.

About Brother XL2610 and XL2600I
If you are already making up your mind and want to have a sewing machine that matching your level of skill, now is the time to select the unit. Among those many options, we are sure most people are already familiar with Brother since they are very popular as an electronic manufacturer including sewing-related machine. They do have a wide range of collection from an entry-level machine to a higher-end model that attract the attention of sewist with more experience out there with also a varying price.

For sewist who just took an interest a sewing machine and want to start using one, Brother XL2610 and XL2600I can be a great option to go. Both of them are made for beginner level sewist since the features or capabilities they put on these machines are very limited. The machine do produce a reliable result and great for anyone who want to sew faster but being a mechanical one, we can’t hope to see much except for the basic here.

Brother XL2610 and XL2600I Design
From the sample picture above, both of Brother XL2610 and XL2600I look like an identical machines since they are coming with the same shape and design while using a different color and a slightly different buttonhole fine adjustment screw placement. The body is mainly made from plastic and not very heavy with weight measuring around 11 pounds. On the front part, we can see the list of their built-in stitches and a selecting knob as well as the reverse lever.

Brother XL2610 and XL2600I Stitches
The first thing we love from Brother XL2610 and XL2600I is their built-in stitches since both of them are featured with 25 stitches in total which should be enough for most people to sew and among this collection, there is one buttonhole. The difference between these two is this buttonhole because while the other stitches are the same, 2610 is coming with a 4-step buttonhole yetthe other is 1-step. People’s preference may differ but, we do prefer the 1-step better to ease the work.

The 25 stitches also include 15 standard sewing stitches like those straight and zigzag stitch we often used to make home decoration and clothes as well as 3 heirloom stitches which are great when you want to join fabrics. For those who love to quilt, we also have 2 dedicated quilting stitches and 4 decorative stitches like teddy bear that is great when you are making children’s clothes or any item with a cute or sweet theme.

To choose these stitches, both machines are operated in the same manner; both have a dial knob at the front part. These knobs also have marks to tell you what stitches they represent and an arrow to set the option. When you want to select stitches on the bottom row, don’t forget to flip the switch to SS first. Another adjustment we can make in these machines are the width and length which done with the knob as well and up to 5mm.

Brother XL2610 and XL2600I Additional Features
As a beginner machine, what we love the most from both of them beside the 1-step buttonhole from 2600I is their easy threading system since both machines are coming with an automatic needle threader. This feature may not very impressive but they are indeed useful when you want to start your project since we can eliminate the hassle and effort to thread them manually. These two have threading diagram printed on the unit and we only need to follow them then let the machine do the rest.

Another thing we love from Brother XL2610 and XL2600I is the jam resistant top drop-in bobbin; what we need to do is only drop the bobbin, pull the thread through the slot and we are done. This process will be helpful to make sure we can put them easily without stressing about the jam. For those who often work on a dim place, you may also need a lighting and these two just like many similar machines are also coming with a light bulb to illuminate your workplace.

To make sure you can work right after you receive the machine, these two are also coming with a set of accessories we need including buttonhole foot, zipper foot, button sewing foot, narrow hemmer foot, blind stitch foot, bobbins, needle pack, twin needle, extra spool, darning plate, and a screwdriver. Since both of them doesn’t have a cover, we recommend you to also purchase a soft or hard cover in case you want to carry them or keep them when not in use.

Brother XL2610 and XL2600I Disadvantage
As you may already know, Brother XL2610 and XL2600I are featured with anything we often see on beginner machines. However, being an entry-level, these machine also left some to wish such as more stitch options and due to being constructed mostly from plastic, making these two can’t handle much job and probably can’t last very long if you are using them every day or if you plan to use them to work on a heavy load. The needle also prone to break when doing a sturdier fabrics like a few layers of denim and leather.

Now, let’s compare Brother XL2610 with XL2600I. From their capabilities, both of these machines are mostly capable of doing what the other is capable as well and what separate them the most from each other in this part is their buttonhole because 2610 is featured with 4-step buttonhole while the other is 1-step. We may have different taste, but most people and we as well love the 1-step better since they are easier to use.

Brother XL2610 vs XL2600I

- Free-arm sewing machine with 25 built-in stitches and 59 stitch functions
- Automatic buttonholer; automatic needle threader; built-in thread cutter
- Drop-in bobbin system and automatic bobbin winding system; handle for carrying
- SIMPLE-TO-USE SEWING AND QUILTING MACHINE: The CS6000i sewing and quilting machine is user-friendly. The stitch selector switch allows you to easily see and choose your stitch
- AUTOMATIC NEEDLE THREADER: This quilting machine includes an automatic needle threader that perfectly pushes thread through the needle
- ADJUSTABLE SEWING SPEED: The Brother CS6000i sewing and quilting machine features an adjustable stitch speed that gives you easy control

All in all, both of them are a good machine for any sewist not only beginner who want to have a dependable and easy to use equipment. However, between the two, if you are looking for the one with a slightly better capabilities, we will recommend you to pick Brother XL2600I.