Brother SQ9185 Vs SQ9285

Sewing machines are very convenient and they open a window to a new world where there are plenty of possibilities to choose. They are a staple for people who love making their own clothes or like sewing in general for all the benefits. If you are an experienced sewist or just want a powerful machine, Brother SQ9185 Vs SQ9285 are two ideal models to consider. These machines come with tons of features and functionalities but, also slightly different. For those who are interested, do check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Which Sewing Machine to Purchase
  • What are Brother SQ9185 and SQ9285
  • What Brother SQ9185 and SQ9285 Look Like
  • How are the Stitches in Brother SQ9185 and SQ9285
  • What Else Brother SQ9185 and SQ9285 can offer
  • What are the Accessories in Brother SQ9185 and SQ9285
  • Brother SQ9185 Vs SQ9285

Sewing Machine

There are many to think about when buying a new appliance, especially if this will cost quite a lot too. Sewing machines are great for the convenience if you are often sewing at home and making clothing or designing your own dress and other stuff. Stitching with hands is great because almost everyone can learn with just minimal tools but, when actually making something, we can’t just rely on our two hands as it will take so much time and put your body at stress.

For serious sewist, a sewing machine is a must; even the affordable ones like Singer 1304 Vs 2277 will be sufficient but depending on your own preference, the choices are abundant out there with different capabilities and different price range but most importantly different technologies.

Mechanical Sewing Machine

This is the most traditional sewing machine when it comes to technology and they have been around for so long or for generations but with improvement as technology moves forwards. The best thing about mechanical sewing machines is always cost because they are easy to the pocket and easy to start with. The mechanical components are also easy to maintain as they don’t have intricate parts that need delicate handling. When it comes to power you can rely on these machines as well depending on the range either for hobby or industrial purposes.

Brother SQ9185Brother SQ9285
Product Dimensions7.38 x 17.25 x 13.75 inches8 x 17 x 14 inches
Shipping Weight17.8 pounds18 pounds
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The limitation also exists however with a limited number of stitches often being what prevent enthusiasts from settling with a mechanical sewing machine. All functionalities are done manually which is less convenient especially tensioning the thread which can be a hassle and frustrating for a beginner.

Computerized Sewing Machine

The technology is fairly new but there are a lot of them now and also getting cheaper as well. The best thing about this type of machine is the automatic features as you can find plenty that usually cost an effort such as threading needles, cutting thread, tension, and needle up and down position that all can be done automatically. In terms of stitch options you will also find more in computerized machines that can range in hundreds to choose from, allowing sewist to be as creative as they want.

On the downside, it is often said that computerized machines can be over complicated for the enormous amount of features in the unit so it can get overwhelming for new users. Cost is also an issue for they tend to be more expensive compared to the mechanical variant. Some also argue that computerized machines are not as long lasting or durable.

About Brother SQ9185 and SQ9285

The choice is all yours because there are always pros and cons in any option so either it is a mechanical machine or computerized one, there are some drawbacks that we have to note. There are lots of options however in both categories so there is no lack of machines to choose but if you need to shop faster while also getting the best machine, it is great to see what other sewists are opting for or decide a budget first to remove those out of our plan to spend.

Among those many brands that offer good sewing machines out there, Brother is a great choice that can ensure quality. We all know that they are among the best and they are also well-known for the performance. This brand along with Singer are the top options for both enthusiast and beginner alike depending on the experience or purpose. Many sewists also love their machines for the technology and convenient features especially in the computerized category.

For hobbyists with more experience and want to reap the benefit of computerized machines, Brother SQ9185 and SQ9285 are two ideal options to consider among the affordable cost range. As you can guess from the name alone, these two are close brothers hence there is confusion about which of them will be the better option. However, in general what you can achieve with one of them are also possible on the latter and in our opinion the two are equally great choices for the features.

What set Brother SQ9185 and SQ9285 the most is probably the detailed capabilities of these machines because you will get more on the latter to justify the more expensive price tag. We do think the SQ9285 is amazing for the more experienced users or sewists who need a machine that can live up to their creativity. Among all of their collections of functions, the prominent difference between the two is probably the collection of stitches that clearly far more superior in the higher model.

Brother SQ9185 and SQ9285 Design

As you can see from the sample picture above, both of them are very identical when it comes to the design. The housing of these machines are made from plastic to cover the metal component inside. The flower pattern on the housing is different however and we can easily tell the model apart by the name printed on the unit. They are looking like any standard sewing machines out there and on the right panel we can see the collection of stitches.

Because Brother SQ9185 and SQ9285 are computerized, there is a small display on the unit and all the controls are placed in front of you as well. There are buttons and switches to adjust the stitching design and at the top, there is a lid too that you can open. This lid can be closed or opened without affecting the machine but there is a collection of alphanumeric stitches to help users select which they want to use. These catalogs are very small however, so we have some difficulties reading them in a dim room.

Brother SQ9185 and SQ9285 Stitches

Moving further, now let’s see what these sewing machine can offer and for the most prominent difference, they have different amount of stitches collection because the more affordable choice is packing a total of 185 built-in stitches including the 8 styles of 1-stop auto size buttonholes while on the other hand the SQ9285 has a far more amount of 205 stitches. These stitches have a total of 55 alphanumeric options, with decorative stitches and the same 8 styles of 1-step auto-size buttonholes.

With this amount of stitches, you don’t have to worry about what to apply and which to choose as all of them look beautiful but, there is a drawback as well since the more the choice, it may take more time for sewist to decide which they want to use but for those who are going to be as creative as they need to be, we see the SQ9285 as an amazing machine to buy.

Brother SQ9185 and SQ9285 Adjustment

As an experienced machine, Brother SQ9185 and SQ9285 are also offering great versatility and one of our favorites is their adjustable stitch length and width which are the same in both machines at maximum 5mm in length and 7mm in width. When stitching we also increase the speed to try finishing the project faster and this is one of the best benefits of using a sewing machine which allows for faster process and here, you can adjust the speed as needed but surprisingly, the SQ9185 is actually faster than its sister.

Brother SQ9185 and SQ9285 Accessories

Sewing machines are usually coming with tons of accessories in the box that are useful for the operation and help you to get started. Both of them have similar tools inside with accessory pouches containing four bobbins, three spool caps, seam ripper, needle set, ball point needle, twin needle, cleaning brush, eyelet punch, screwdriver, extra spool pin, cord, and the manual. They are easy to set up and the manual is very helpful but we also still need to get used to the machine for a seamless operation.

Brother SQ9185 Vs SQ9285

Both of these sewing machines are an amazing option for those who are more serious about the game. There are tons of stitches here to offer great versatility and help you to choose which will be implemented on the project. The core difference is only between the collection of stitches because it is clear that SQ9285 is packing more in the collection which can be good or bad news depending on how you will optimize the machine. Both are also capable of doing monogramming to add into the versatility.

The manual helps so much in getting familiar with the machine but we do think they are quite friendly with beginners yet new learners may not going to use the amount of stitches yet hence they are best for experienced sewists.

- 130 built-in stitches, including 8 buttonhole styles 1 automatic.
- Large backlit LCD display with a simple select point button
- Illuminated LED work area
- Advanced easy threading system
- 150 built-in stitch points, including many beautiful satin, quilting and decorative stitches, with 8 styles of 1-step auto-size buttonholes.
- Quilting stitches include stitch stitch, hand look quilting stitch, joining stitches for patch seams, and appliqué stitching for attaching appliqué and quilt seams.
- 1 font with 55 alphanumeric points for basic monogram; wide table to help support quilts and larger projects; bright LED lighting that lets you see your work clearly; free arm to sew cuffs and sleeves.
- View your stitches on the large backlit LCD screen and use button controls to easily adjust stitch length and width.


There is no bad option between the two as these are amazing machines to ease your job and to open a world of versatility yet convenience. Personally we are not using that many stitches so SQ9185 is already a good option but if you need more, the big sister is one of the best to have.