Brother SE400 vs SE425

When you compare between the Brother SE400 and SE425 sewing machines, it looks like you will not get any difference. But if you look closer, then there will always be an option to be made. This is a comparison between Brother SE400 vs SE425. Please, keep reading.

– Introduction of Brother SE400 Vs SE425
– The price of Brother SE400 and SE425
– The ability in sewing and embroidery
– Connectivity

Sewing machine brings two very similar sewing machines, both of features and shape and usability. We will be confused choosing between Se400 and Se425. They are sewing machines and embroidery combinations. See also our article about Brother Series Designio DZ820E vs PE770.

They are computerized, which means you can drop the design and the machine will physically move the gantry to stitch your pattern into the fabric, like a plotter. Computerization is not limited to embroidery because there is also built-in stitching for utilities, such as buttonhole sewn by pressing a button.

Brother has a great reputation for making sewing machines that are easy to use and reliable. Built functionality lets you create simple custom letters and designs without designing anything on your computer. That’s great, as you can see because designing things on your computer can be tricky.

Feature Comparison Brother SE400 vs SE425

– The price
We will compare the price, with some additional accessories in the box. Brother SE425 will be more expensive than SE400. Brother SE425 has 100 embroidery CD designs. But that’s not very good. It just the basic designs.

You can import designs from available websites because SE400 and SE425 come with connectivity. So, a better option is to buy SE400 and import the design you want, from the internet in addition to relying on CDs. The other extras you get with SE425 are the coil and the zig zag foot. And both have the same touchscreen LCD screen.
If you want to pay more and get some additional designs, it will not disappoint too. You can do everything for a lower price.

– The ability in sewing and embroidery
The ability to sew and embroider Brother is famous for creating a very good sewing machine for beginners. They are easy to set up and use. The bobbins are proof hours so you can make your dream project without having to stop and fix the problem.

These machines have 67 built-in sewing stitches. You can sew 710 stitches/minute when sewing regularly. You can also sew ten styles one-step holes from the 67 stitches. The machine comes with a wide variety of foot presser so you can sew something. Then you can use a decorative stitching suture as well as switch to embroidery. It is easy to change from sewing to circle to embroidery. They both created sharp and accurate embroidery designs on the 4 “x 4” circle.

Brother SE400 has 70 built-in designs. While Brother SE425 also has 70 built-in designs. However, with Brother SE425, you will get a CD with 100 additional designs. So, it means that you will receive 170 designs in total.

You can sew 400 stitches/minute while embroidering with both of these machines. While this may not look super fast, both can create accurate designs with clear stitches.

You can adjust the switching speed of the machine if you find that you need a slower speed. This is necessary for sewing as you pass through a thick layer, and in embroidery when you have a solid seam area.
To work with a beer design, you should split the design and reposition the circle. Remember you can’t get a much bigger circle to fit the limits of the area of these machines.

If you can’t live without circles and larger designs, Brother has a small “1 x 2.5” embroidery circle for monograms for collars and cuffs. You can make a small design on baby clothes as well.

– Connectivity
Brother SE400 and Brother SE425 engine has a USB port. You can attach a USB drive to copy the design from the internet. Some people can even connect their computers directly to a sewing machine. Then you will copy the design to the drive.

The built-in memory of SE400 and SE425 is limited. Some reviewers mention that it can handle up to twelve designs. However, it also depends on how complex the pattern is. If you are having trouble copying it, you should delete the old design if you want to enter a new one.

The Brother SE400 Vs SE425 sewing machine also has a slot for designing the cards. You can buy design cards for use with this combo engine. This design card has additional designs and ornaments that can be incorporated into the design.

Finally, you can go to Brother website and buy individual designs. You will save it to your computer and then transfer it to SE400 or SE425 using a USB stick. You can find designs elsewhere. Just make sure they are in PES or DST file format. So they’re compatible.

The point is that SE425 includes a CD with 100 additional designs. Actually, all these designs can be found on the internet. You save time by putting them into collections. And they look different.

When you compare Brother SE400 and SE425, Brother SE400 is a clear winner. You can import compatible designs with a USB port or with cards. Although Brother SE425 comes with additional designs on CDs, you may get the design, so why pay extra and besides you can get the same design online whenever you want. So grab the SE400 and start having fun.

Brother SE400 vs SE425

- Touch screen LCD display accesses 67 unique sewing stitches
- Computer connectivity for importing thousands of embroidery designs purchased
- Free phone support for the life of the product
- Design editing features including rotate, mirror-images, increase and decrease the size of your designs
- Super easy bobbin winding system
- Computer connectivity for importing designs

From the explanation above. It is really clear about the differences between Brother SE400 and SE425. Brother SE400 has cheaper price rather than SE425. A SE425 little bit expensive because in the box, they will give other extras, they are the coil and the zig zag foot. And also you will get 100 designs on the CD. But, those designs could we take from the internet. So, Why do you want to pay more if you will get the same?