Brother 1034D vs DZ1234

Being able to create many things from scratch is indeed fun but it can be better if we have the proper tool or machine to help us apply our imagination such as serger machine. For sewist, this machine can help them do hem or other things quickly and easier than using only hand. There are several good machines out there like Brother 1034D vs. DZ1234 that we can count on to when doing the project. If you also eyeing these machines, go check what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Purchasing a Serger
  • What are Brother 1034D and DZ1234
  • What Brother 1034D and DZ1234 Look Like
  • What are the Thread Option in Brother 1034D and DZ1234
  • Do Brother 1034D and DZ1234 have Differential Feed
  • Do Brother 1034D and DZ1234 have Built-in Stitches
  • What Brother 1034D and DZ1234 can offer to you
  • Brother 1034D vs DZ1234

Serger Machine

Sewing is a fun project because we can create whatever items we want with just several pieces of fabric. For those who love sewing such as creating a piece of clothes they like, it can be a great help when supported with a proper machine. Many of us already own one or two sewing machines before but many seem still not familiar with serger. While they are not an absolute necessary, it is still good to have if you want to ease the job.

Before we are going to talk about the two recommended serger machines that you may want to check, we have to understand what is the core function or the reason why we need them first. Serger or also called overclocking sewing machine is a machine we used to trims the seam and encloses their allowance or edge of the fabric inside a thread casing, all in one step while what separate one machine from another are commonly the width and density of the stitching.

We can indeed do these jobs without a help from the machine and many people have been relying only on manual process when completing the task which is why some are not sure whether they will need a serger or not. However, just like with sewing machine, we can do the process manually but with the help of serger or overclock, we can spend less time and energy to do them. It may not as useful if we only sew for hobby and rarely doing them, but if you feel like spending a lot of time doing the task, it is a good idea to have one.

Currently, we have so many options when it comes to serger machines that are coming from various different brands that can confused us sometime, moreover, if we are a new users who never own or purchase one before. To eliminate those options quickly without scarifying quality products, we can look from the popular brand first because popular name will most likely to also offer good quality products in their catalogue while the price itself can be available in a wide range.

About Brother 1034D and DZ1234

For a sewing related machine, one of the most popular brand will be Brother because they are one of the few we can trust in term of quality and features which is already known by many sewist to always helpful. They are already available since quite long time ago and familiar with the market already to understand what we want from our sewing and serger machine; some of you may already have used one of their machine before and are interested to try another type.

Since they also have several similar products in their catalogue, it may take some time to decide which one of them we prefer better or at least have the kind of capability we wish to present. But, if you are looking for a serger machine for beginner, the best option will be between Brother 1034D and DZ1234. Both of them are coming from the same catalogue and while they seem to offer different things due to be in different model, we might be wrong for their capabilities are the same.

Brother 1034D and DZ1234 Design

Looking at both of Brother 1034D and DZ1234, we are sure many users can already state the difference from the design and just like what has been printed on DZ1234 model, this machine is coming from Designio series with a different pattern on their body unlike the regular machine like 1034D with standard design and logo. Aesthetically speaking they are pretty and beside the color option, these machines are identical with the same shape and control function placement.

Brother 1034D and DZ1234 Type

The first thing we need to check or look at when choosing a serger is the thread options because they are available in various thread options from 2-4 to 5 thread. As for Brother 1034D and DZ1234, these machines are coming with 3-4 thread which means they can function with 3 or 4 threads. Depend on the options, they can have a different stretch capabilities but logically, using the 4 threads option will give us a stronger seam. Additionally, these machines are also capable of doing rolled hem.

For rolled hem, this capabilities will let the machine to roll every edge of the fabric to the underside and encloses their edge with thread. Some people may also called 4 thread system as “mock safety” stitch because it has much strength made with safety stitch or a separate seam but still not as strong.

Brother 1034D and DZ1234 Differential Feed

After we know what their treading options are, the next important thing to take a look is the differential feed because a machine with this capability will give us more options such as when working with knits, we can adjust the feed to obtain the same result we have with an even feed foot like in our regular machine. In this side, Brother 1034D and DZ1234 are still coming with the same differential feed from 0.7 to 2.0 which we can adjust through a knob on its right side.

As it has been mentioned above, the best benefit of having this feature is we can adjust them when working with stretchy fabrics so our work won’t get wavy or have bumpy look, moreover, we can work with different fabric to get a professional result even on denim, jersey knits and silk. Additionally, they also have removable arm which is not always available in other serger machines that can be useful when dealing with pants or sleeves.

Brother 1034D and DZ1234 Built-in Stitches

Another benefit of working with a serger machine instead of manual sewing is the built-in stitches we can found on the machine. Most serger have several stitch options but these machines are coming with 22 built-in stitches which we can access with their included presser feet with option like 4 thread overclock, 3 thread overclock, narrow hem and rolled hem. While their ability are the same, their accessories is not since 1034D is lacking additional presser foot accessory that included on DZ1234.

We can purchase this foot to be used in the machine but in Designio model, this accessory is already included and with this foot, we can access additional stitches including blind hemming, pin tucks, and flat lock. Many people are confused about which to choose but when we get the additional accessories correct, their capabilities are just the same. Beside this additional foot, 1034D is also lacking 2 additional set of starter thread. Read also: Brother CS6000i vs Singer 7258 here.

Brother 1034D and DZ1234 Features

On the additional feature, both of Brother 1034D and DZ1234 are featured with retractable knife blade that will trim the edge of our fabric right before they are being serged, thus the result can look professional and clean with all the fabrics aligning in the right position. However, when you are doing a project where the extra fabric is still needed, we can easily turn off the knife blade. A good machine will ease our work and they should work fast enough to quicken our pace.

To let us spend less time and do more work with less hassle, these machines are claimed to be working as fast as 1.300 stitches per minute, making them two options among the faster serger in the market. While the speed is amazing, it doesn’t mean the stitching quality is bad because the result is indeed look professional.

For those who often work until late night or having a bad lighted working space, Brother 1034D and DZ1234 have LED light to make sure we can see what we are working on properly even while working under low light condition. Additionally, they are also featured with storage room built-in the unit to help user keep away their smaller tools when not needed and promoting a clean as well as organized working space to let us concentrate more on whatever we are currently working on.


Now, let’s compare Brother 1034D with DZ1234. As it has been mentioned above, both of these machines are very similar to each other because they are having the same capabilities and features, thus the things we can do in 1034D can be done as well on DZ1234. What separate them is on the accessories included because DZ1234 have additional foot and another starter thread.

Brother 1034D vs DZ1234

- Reliable, high performance 3/4 thread serger delivers professional edge finishing on a wide range of fabrics, including knits, linens and formal wear. Create ruffles, decorative edges, gathers; join laces; serge narrow sleeves, spaghetti straps, and more!
- 22 built-in stitch functions with 4-thread overlock, 3-thread overlock, narrow, rolled hem, and ribbon lock stitches, with specialty stitch functions for formal and bridal wear, home decor and crafts, heirloom and reinforced tape applications
- Differential fabric feed;for truly professional, even stitch quality, even on thin, knitted, and stretchy fabrics
- Sew up to 1,300 stitches per minute to create couture-level fashions faster than ever.
- Enjoy reliable, Easy Color-Coded Threading so you no longer have to struggle to thread your serger.
- The Differential Fabric Feed offers a 0.7 - 2.0 ratio on many fabrics, even lightweight knits, offering durable and consistent stitch quality virtually every time.


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because these machines are equally a good option. However, their price gap is quite far and the amount of additional accessories may not that much which is why we will recommend you to pick the more affordable option Brother 1034D because while it is cheaper, this machine is coming with the same capabilities of the more expensive DZ1234.